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Liverpool in 1946, post war and swinging…

The Rialto theatre is a hotbed of the Big Band Swing scene, with bands playing most nights to full crowds of youngsters looking to forget the drudgery of everyday life, rations and the ruins of the blitz.

The Downswing Seven are The Rialto’s house band who are in the need of a new singer, much to the annoyance of George Hogg, the drummer. His disability had prevented him from seeing active service during the war, and now it’s preventing him from fulfilling his dream of fronting the band as the lead male vocal.

Are somethings worth killing for? George certainly thinks so…

In The Mood… For Murder is a period thriller, set against the backdrop of war time Liverpool.

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This is my second book by Dave, and since I loved The Twelve so much…..I was intrigued to see if this would have me as gripped as the last one…and IT DID!

The story is set in the 1940’s in Liverpool and is based around the house band of The Rialto – The Downswing Seven.  Their front man is getting old and needs to retire so they’re looking for someone new….much to the indignation of the drummer, George Hogg.  He has an amazing voice – he knows it and the band know it but they won’t let him have the job……he says it’s because he’s ‘a cripple’…..but is that the real reason?

They find a new singer in Carl….and I think it’s fair to say that him and George don’t hit it off in the slightest! And then George meets Carl’s sister, Marnie and things start to go downhill……but will George really resort to murder?!  You’ll have to read to find out!!

This was brilliant….I have to say I’m NOT a fan of George.  Despite the fact that he has a physical ailment and has had his fair share of bullying over the years he has completely learned how to turn this around in his favour and play on it! At first I did feel kinda sorry for him but the more you get to know him, the more you change your mind….he’s not a nice person!  All the band members have completely different personalities and it’s great to learn about each of them…..all who have their own secrets to hide, and how the work together (or not!).

It’s also good to get a glimpse into 1940’s Liverpool and it’s gangsters! It always amazes me that this sort of thing really did happen!  Being a history geek, I enjoyed the historical elements to the story which were described in such a way that you could really see it in your minds eye.

The story is FULL of suspense and keeps you gripped as you want to keep reading to find out what happens next. Will some of the characters really stoop as low as you’re expecting?! And the ending…….(that’s all I’m saying!).

Overall another FAB book and I can’t wait to move on to the next one by this author!




Dave McCluskey is a writer of novels, graphic novels and comics, currently living in Liverpool with his daughter. 

He began writing in 2011, creating his first comic publication entitled Interesting Tymes. This is an anthology of short horror stories written in rhyme for children and adults, introducing the world to Edward D’Ammage. The first book was quickly followed by Interesting Tymes x 2 and the spin off series called Edward D’Ammage Presents: The Wedding. 

Dave then moved on to more adult related fiction, bringing out the one shot Wooden Heart, followed by the full graphic novel Doppelganger. 

He then moved on to produce a number of comics and graphic novels, including The Few, a zombie series, DeathDay Presents, a graphic novel comedy based in Hell, Three Days in the City, The Adventures of Mace Masoch and many more. He has written and produced a full graphic novel for children entitled OLF, a clever twist on an old Christmas tale. Spurred on by this, he partnered up with artist Joe Matthews and they produced a retelling of the classic Christmas tale A Christmas Carol, re-writing it completely in rhyme. 

Dave then turned his sights onto writing novels. His debut novel The Twelve was released in 2017 to great reviews. This was followed by a collaboration with a local Liverpool music historian, to produce a historical thriller called In The Mood… For Murder, based in Liverpool in 1946. 

Dave’s next novel was a dark, brutal psychological horror entitled CRACK, which tackles the issues of PTSD and addiction.

His latest novel is a romance/horror/comedy crossover called Z: A Love Story. 

His future works will include horrors, thrillers, children’s books and YA adventures. He refuses to be pigeon-holed…

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