I’m delighted to be taking part in the blog tour today for Island of Secrets by Diane Demetre.  This is a wonderful story of female empowerment, friendship, love, fate and mystery…..an absolute page turner.

the blurb….

Two love stories separated in time. Two women following their dreams. In a paradise littered with painful secrets, will love turn the tide?

1973.  Cecilia “CiCi” Freemont has a restless soul and the voice of an angel.  Leaving her privileged upbringing behind, she chases her dreams to the sandy beaches of an unspoiled Hawaiian paradise, Harbor Island.  But life takes an unexpected turn when she falls for the island’s young heir-apparent and her newfound adventure becomes too much to bear…

2017.  Investigative journalist Tina Templeton has dedicated herself to the pursuit of truth.  But when she inherits Harbor Island, her career plans take a confusing twist.  Managing the sprawling island estate is a tough business even with the help of ageing cabaret singer, CiCi Freemont.  Especially when a massive ecological disaster threatens to destroy her beautiful beaches – and the responding coast guard captain steals her heart.

As the investigation into the disaster reveals a 40-year-old mystery that could change their lives forever, will Tina find love among the secrets, or will CiCi’s painful past dash her dreams on the rocks?

Island of Secrets is an epic love story. If you like generations-spanning drama, characters with hidden pasts, heart-warming romance and intrigue, then you’ll love Diane Demetre’s powerful romantic mystery in paradise.

My Review….

I really enjoyed this story and how it is split into 3 parts: 1973, 2017 and 2027.  In 1973 we meet a 25-year old Cecilia who made the decision to go off on an adventure to a Hawaii at the dismay of her parents.  She soon realises that her decision may not have been the best, deciding she must get a job and save to return to the main land to pursue her singing career.  She ends up as a housekeeper for a well off family on the amazing, but mysterious Harbor Island and soon settles in to the role.  But there are secrets that she can’t uncover…..things that the locals know and won’t share with her…..What are the strange noises at night? What has happened and what is now happening on Harbor Island? She makes strong, lasting friendships whilst she there, and falls in love with the heir…..but is it for the best? What will happen and what will the future bring for CiCi? (We do find out but I’m not giving anything away!)

In part 2 we find ourselves in 2017 and meet Tina who has just inherited the island, and the new locals…..but don’t worry….we meet some of the oldies too!  Tina struggles making plans for the island and how to make it profitable, with some serious run-ins with her brother.  It’s lovely to meet CiCi again and see where life has taken her but under sad circumstances (that I admit….made me cry!).  Tina then finds out that something is amiss on her island and calls in the coast guard to help her solve the mystery and save her island……whilst falling for him at the same time!  What’s going on? Is it an inside job? Will they save the island? Who is Jack? Does Jack fall for her too?

And finally in the last part, 2027 we find out what has happened over the last 10 years with a happy/sad ending that had me in tears! (Clearly an emotional wreck at this story!)

Overall, I absolutely loved this story! I loved the characters and the way Demetre truly makes you have strong feelings for each one.  This is so beautifully written with such a fantastic storyline that has you gripped right till the very end, with laughter, smiles, shrieks and tears through the emotional rollercoaster that is an Island of Secrets!  The title of this book couldn’t have been better as it really delivers what it says on the cover…..an absolutely gorgeous island paradise with so many secrets.  If you want a story which will fully submerge you in the story, take you on an emotional rollercoaster and have you gripped until the very end, then this is for you!



about the author…

Diane began her career as a school teacher before moving into the entertainment industry as a choreographer, director, event manager, dancer and actress, working in television and live theatre, and managing multi-million dollar productions.

Following her onstage career, she spent many years as a stress & life skills therapist, keynote speaker and presenter, appearing on national radio and television.

When she launched into a writing career, Diane’s debut erotic romance series, the Dance of Love was voted Luminosity Publishing Readers’ Choice Best books and Best Covers for 2015 and 2016.

Her romantic suspense, Retribution won the Romance Writers of Australia Emerald Pro Award 2017 for Best Unpublished Manuscript.  Diane loves to write genre-busting stories with a twist.  Her works are packed with emotional punch and feature empowered heroines who live life to the fullest, much like the author herself.     

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Thank you for Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for including me on the tour and to the author and publisher for supplying a copy of this book in return for an honest review.  All views are my own and I am not affiliated with any of the links in this post in any way.

Chelle x

4 Replies to “Blog Tour and Review: Island of Secrets by Diane Demetre

  1. I’m delighted you enjoyed this story. Thank you for your review. I’m branching into cozy murder mysteries this year, though set in contemporary locations, they have are written in the style of Agatha Christie who-dunnits. I’ll let you know when the first is published as you might enjoy these stories too. Wishing you a wonderful 2019. Diane Demetre (author)

    1. Not a problem at all Diane, thank you for letting me read and review it. I’d love to hear your next book is published as they sound right up my street! Thanks again. Chelle x

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