Finally I’m here with my review of Lord of the Hunt, book 2 in the Sooty Feathers series by David Craig, another brilliant book that had me hooked… I can’t wait for the next one!


Title: Lord of the Hunt
Author: David Craig
Genre: NA / Adult Gothic supernatural/mystery/urban fantasy
Series/Standalone:Second Book of the Sooty Feathers series
Estimated page count: 416
Formats available: Paperback and eBook
Publisher: Elsewhen Press (20 Mar. 2020)
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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Death rides the blood of a pale horse

June 1893.

Undead prowl the streets of Glasgow at night hunting for blood. They, in turn, are hunted by the formidable Lady Delaney and her apprentice Kerry Knox, whose fight against the secret society ruling Glasgow will lead them into the city’s industrial heart where the poor toil in miserable conditions. Children have been exploited in mills and factories for decades, but the Sooty Feather Society has refined its cruel disregard in service to the undead.

Delaney and Knox are not the society’s only problem. The elusive demon Arakiel employs murder and necromancy in his campaign to seize control of Glasgow, avenging betrayal and reclaiming what was once his.

Wilton Hunt and Tam Foley are lying low in the Highlands where Hunt’s father has recently inherited title and estate. The blue skies and clear waters of Loch Aline may seem a tranquil sanctuary to the city men, but its forbidding forests and shadowed glens conceal dark secrets pertaining to Hunt’s family, and a diabolical revelation will change Wilton’s life forever.

Demons walk the crowded, cobbled streets of Glasgow, and a necromancer’s debt is called in. Knox will learn what joining this war might cost her; Hunt and Foley will learn they can’t escape it. Their diverged paths will meet again when dark magic unleashes a horror not everyone will survive…

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my thoughts

This has it all going on – action, intrigue, mystery, revelations and even a slight sense of romance!  It was good to be back with Hunt, Foley, Sirk, Kerry and Lady Delaney and I was excited to see where things went after the shocking revelations in the last book.  I certainly wasn’t disappointed!

I thoroughly enjoyed the supernatural aspects – vampyres, demons, ghouls, zombi’s and more! Things happened that I absolutely didn’t expect and were left opened ended leading into the next book which I’m definitely looking forward to!  In this we get to know Hunt’s family a little more which was fascinating.  I loved seeing Kerry develop too but absolutely love it when her ‘rougher’ side comes out! I would love for her and Hunt to get together at some point.  I enjoyed the developments with Foley too…..of which I will say no more!!!

Some of the characters you will love, others…..not so much!  There are quite a few different characters in this and it can get a bit confusing at times; especially because some have normal names, as well as demon names.  As I said with the last book this is definitely the kind of book where you need to keep your concentration otherwise you might miss something important, or miss something about a character.  However, saying that, it’s not too confusing that it makes it unenjoyable – it’s definitely the opposite.

Set in 1893, the author gives us a brilliant insight into what a dark, dirty and industrialised Glasgow might have been like.  It’s certainly atmospheric, especially with these supernatural creatures roaming around!

So if you’re looking for a dark, intriguing supernatural/fantasy mystery then check this out.  I would recommend reading book one beforehand though otherwise you’ll miss some of the fantastic revelations that lead into this book.  You can check out my review for book one, Resurrection Men below.


Aside from three months living on an oil tanker sailing back and forth between America and Africa, and two years living in a pub, David Craig grew up on the west coast of Scotland.  He studied Software Engineering at university, but lost interest in the subject after (and admittedly prior to) graduation. He currently works as a workforce planning analyst for a public service organisation, and lives near Glasgow with his wife, daughter and two rabbits.

Being a published writer had been a life-long dream, and one that he was delighted to finally realise with his debut novel, Resurrection Men, the first in the Sooty Feathers series, published by Elsewhen Press in 2018. Thorns of a Black Rose was David’s second novel, also published by Elsewhen Press. He returns to the Sooty Feathers series with Lord of the Hunt.

Where to find David online: Twitter | @sootyfeathers ~ Facebook | sooty.feathers.7 ~ Goodreads blog ~ Instagram | @davidcraigauthor


Thanks to Rachel for inviting me on to the tour, and to the author and publisher for a copy of the book.  All views and opinions are my own.

Don’t forget to check out my review of book one, Resurrection Men.

Chelle x

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