Afternoon everyone.  I hope you’ve had a good morning and a good start to the week!  Today I’m delighted to be on the blog tour for Lucy’s Last Chance, book 4 in the Moonshire Bay Small Town Romance Series by Elle Sweet.  This is another sweet and heartwarming story of romance and second chances….

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Lucy was a high-powered attorney who had a nervous breakdown after her husband left her. Broken, she came to the town of Moonshire Bay to start over as a yoga instructor; determined to find inner peace in all things this time around.

Brandt is running for Mayor and running after Lucy, but she is scared of his drive and need for success.

Can Lucy realize she’s stronger than she thinks and take a chance on love?

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Lucy is Moonshire Bay’s resident yogi.  Enjoying the peaceful life after a stressful and high powered previous job as an attorney, the last thing she is thinking about is romance.  But when Brandt the town Mayor continues to persevere in getting a date with her, Lucy decides if she should give him a chance….

But when one of their interests clash, can they work things out? Will their friendship develop in to more? And will Lucy give herself a second chance at happiness?

I really love this series.  They’re always such heartwarming, adorable, easy and enjoyable reads; and Lucy’s Last Chance is wonderful.  Having met Lucy in some of the previous books, I already really liked her so thoroughly enjoyed learning more about her and her past.  Brandt was a new character for me; I did warm to him although, along with Lucy, I sometimes doubted him.  He appears to be a wonderful man but definitely goes about things the wrong way!!  It was great to be back with some of the other characters from previous books too.  Every time I read one of these I feel like I’ve literally popped to the town and am catching up with friends.

The plot is heartwarming, and will keep you guessing….will they/won’t they?  Love is never an easy journey and both Brandt and Lucy rediscover this.  As I’ve said before about other books in the series, I really enjoy the fact that these are second chance romances.  The characters are older, have past lives and baggage and have had careers and failed marriages which makes them less inclined to jump into something without proper thought.  Both Lucy and Brandt really deserve their happy every after and it’s lovely to see how well they get on, and watch their feelings develop.  Because of the age and experiences of the characters, they’re really relatable which makes the story believable.

I love the setting of Moonshire Bay.  It seems to be the place where the heartbroken end up, but where second chances really do happen.  Even thought it’s a small town and gossip can be rife, I’d love to visit.  It sounds like such a lovely little place and all the residents are super nice and friendly too.

Overall this is another fantastic sweet and clean romance, looking at love, friendship, past hurts and second chances.  A relatively short read, you can curl up with this and lose yourself in Moonshire Bay and Lucy and Brandt’s story for a few hours.  You’ll come away feeling warm, uplifted and happy.  Even if you haven’t read the other books in the series, this is perfectly ok to read as a standalone.  But if you enjoy it, definitely go back and read the rest.  They’re all equally as sweet and wonderful.

If you’re looking for your next feel good, heartwarming, believable sweet romance then check this out.  Recommended by me.



about the author

Elle Sweet is the pen name of mystery author Laina Turner.

I started writing ten years ago, and it was always my intent and desire to write romance. However, in my first book, someone died. It just happened and turned the romance into a mystery.

Twenty-some books later, and I decided enough was enough. I was going to do what I’d initially set out to do at the start of my writing journey. Write a book where no one died (It’s not as easy as you think).

I can’t tell you how much fun I had writing Finding Rachel and the three others set in the small town of Moonshire Bay. Finding Rachel is out now and Ari’s Adventure will release in spring of 2020 with the third book set to follow in the early summer of 2020.

How did I come up with my pen name? Elle for the “L” in Laina and Sweet was my grandfather’s last name. I wanted something that had a story. I originally wanted to call myself LuluBell after a pet cow I once had, but the family shot that one down.

Born and raised in the midwest, I live in Indiana with my husband, three amazing children, and our dogs Duke and Macy.

Where to find Laina online: Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Website ~ Instagram

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Thanks to Emma for inviting me on to the tour, and to Laina for gifting me with a copy of the book. All views and opinions are my own.

Chelle x

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