Morning my lovelies. Hope you’re all keeping safe and well.  Today I’m delighted to welcome M J Mallon over to chat with us.  We’re discussing the emotions of a first time author, paranormal activity, how her superpower would help humanity, mythical creatures, which one of her characters she’d love to bring to life, her most recent book, This is Lockdown and more….


YA Fantasy, Poetry, Prose and Photography,  Anthology/Memoir/Diary

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am an author who has been blogging for many moons at my lovely blog home: My interests include writing, photography, poetry, and alternative therapies. I write YA Fantasy/Paranormal novels, ghost/horror short stories and middle grade fiction as well as micropoetry – haiku and tanka. I love to read and have written over 150 reviews.

How many books have you written and published?

I have written three books and participated in several anthologies.

My published books are: 

The Curse of Time #1 Bloodstone is a YA Fantasy, coming-of-ages story set in Cambridge, England with themes about family, mental health,  music, art, light, darkness and deception.

Mr. Sagittarius – a poetry and prose collection inspired by the beauty of the botanical gardens in Cambridge, with an emphasis on the circle of life, seasons of the year, family and love.

More recently, I published an anthology/compilation set during the first lockdown in the UK entitled This Is Lockdown which included my family diaries, poetry, photography, flash fiction and contributions from 28 international authors and creatives.

I have also contributed to the following anthologies all of which are available via Amazon:

Dan Alatorre’s Nightmareland (best-selling horror short story anthology,)

Dan Alatorre’s Spellbound (horror short story anthology released October 2020.)

And Claire Plaisted’s Ghostly Rites anthology 2020, 2019, and 2018.

Which book, out of all the books you have written, is your favourite and why?

I have a soft spot for my debut novel, The Curse of Time. The difficulties I experienced as a first-time author are similar to the emotions you struggle with as a new mother. Worry – will my novel be good enough. Elation: – my first review was stellar. Fear:- will anyone enjoy it! The Curse of Time holds a special place in my heart, but it has also given me the most grief! It was an ambitious YA fantasy first novel. I’m currently editing the second in the series and remembering the same frustrations and highs and lows. It is taking me an age to finish, and it is hands down my frustrating much-loved favourite!

What other jobs have you done other than being an author?

When I left school, I wanted to be a hairdresser. That didn’t last long! After which I worked in offices for years and I still do now. I work in an international sixth form and get involved in reception and administrative activities. It’s nice to see the youngsters do well and achieve their dreams.

What is the strangest thing that has ever happened to you?

During the early stages of writing The Curse of Time, a variety of strange happenings occurred. Some of which were so peculiar that they ended up as passages in the book. I’m not sure if all these were real, or whether my overactive imagination conjured them up.  But, I have witnesses for at least one paranormal activity near our house: a strange black and grey, twirling shape that I saw. So, who knows… life can be strange sometimes. And a little scary.

If you could give your younger writing self any advice, what would it be?

I wish I’d started writing when I was younger. So, my advice would be to get going! Mind you, when I mentioned this to a wise old friend of mine, he said that perhaps you wrote later in life because it was the right time for you.

Sometimes… I dwell on the what ifs… but perhaps he was right? We all have our time, so my advice would be to not to wallow in regrets. Do what you can, when you can and be happy.

If you could travel anywhere (world/universe etc!) where would you go and why?

I had a conversation with my hubby recently about whether he would like to go to the moon, and he said he’d love to. I’m not as brave! In fact, being an astronaut doesn’t appeal to me at all. I’d prefer to keep my feet grounded on planet earth. I’d love to go back to Malaysia/Singapore to see my relatives and I would love to visit Japan, S. Korea, (my daughter taught English there for a year,) and Hong Kong (I lived there when I was little.)

If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?

I’d love to have the power to eradicate all nasties such as covid from our life. Now, that would truly be a superpower that would benefit all of humankind.

If you could be, or meet, any mythical creature, what would you choose and why?

My logo is a twirling dragon and a unicorn. I’d like to meet both of these mythical creatures. The dragon fascinates me, as does the unicorn. I have a half finished middle grade fantasy languishing in my computer. I set the story during Chinese New Year and one character is a hilarious dragon.  It’s the next project on my to do list after I finish the Curse of Time series. I’m certain that I will write more about dragons and/or unicorns in future story lines!

What is your favourite time to write, and why?

The morning is my favourite time to write. I often wake up with a burst of ideas and have this urge to write them down immediately before I forget them. In the evening, I prefer to read, watch TV, eat dinner and relax.

What is your favourite word and why?

Love is my favourite word. Without love, what is there? Love is why we exist. And love can encompass so many loves: love for your family, your spouse, your friends, and of course your pets!

If one of my characters in my book could become real which one would it be?

I’d love the grasshopper of the Corpus Christi Chronophage clock to fly me away on the back of his shiny back to Grantchester meadow in Cambridge. I’d hope that the scary grasshopper would not force me to ride the wicked roller coaster of time. Oops, I let that slip, that is a mini spoiler for book two!

And finally, tell us about your most recent book and where we can find it?

It is as Willow Willers, a contributor said, ‘A piece of living history.’

This anthology and compilation is for everyone, wherever you live in the world. We are all experiencing the impact of COVID19 and lockdown. As writers, bloggers and creatives we express our thoughts and opinions in writing: in heartfelt poetry, pieces on isolation and the impact of COVID19 and the ‘new normal.’ There are twenty eight talented contributors, including the creative NHS Mask Making Fundraising Team of Jane Horwood and Melissa Santiago Val. The contributors come from as far afield as Australia, Canada, USA and Zimbabwe, or closer to my current home in England – in Ireland, Scotland and Italy.

 Universal link:

Where to find M J Mallon online: Website ~ Amazon Author Page ~ Twitter ~ Twitter 2 ~ Instagram ~ GoodReads ~ Bookbub ~ Facebook #ABRSC ~ Facebook Collaborative Group

thank you so much for coming over to chat with us – I absolutely loved getting to know you more!

If you have any questions or comments, then make sure you get in touch.

Have a wonderful day my lovelies.  I’m off to get my head down in uni assignments! Wish me luck!

Chelle x

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  1. I enjoyed this interview. I have read Marje’s stories in the two anthologies edited by Dan Alatorre and they were great. I think a person starts writing when the time is right in their life. Earlier, we are often to busy with our jobs, new marriages and small children to devote the time to an enterprise as demanding as writing.

    1. Yes, I definitely think that is true in my case Robbie. And thank you for your kind words about my short stories in the anthologies. I’ve really enjoyed participating in these and reading your stories too. 🙂

  2. Yes, I definitely think that is true in my case Robbie. And thank you for your kind words about my short stories in the anthologies. I’ve really enjoyed participating in these and reading your stories too. 🙂

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