Also today I’m delighted to bring you a review of Book 2 in the Fata Morgana series by Jo-Anne Blanco: Children of this World, another wonderful story full of action, magic and legend…..

about children of this world

A STORM IS BREWING … Brothers Ambrosius and Uther Pendragon have landed in Belerion with an army raised to fight High King Vortigern. Supporters of the High King gather at Tintagel, seat of Morgan’s father the Duke of Belerion, as they prepare for battle. Ominous clouds of war hang over the castle, treachery lurks in the shadows, and rumours abound that Ambrosius is being aided by a powerful dark force from the past … Since Morgan’s encounter with the Piskies and the Muryans, the faerie tribes have united against her, vowing revenge. Meanwhile, her powers are growing faster and stronger, her dreams and visions more potent. On Samhain night, when the veil between the worlds becomes thin, Morgan resolves to summon Diana the Moon Huntress to her once again, with terrifying and tragic consequences …

The series is for readers of all ages (as Rosemary Sutcliff once said of her own work, “for readers aged nine to ninety.”) The books follow Morgan from her early childhood in post-Roman Dark Ages Britain and through her teenage years to adulthood. Elements of Celtic folklore, fairy tales, and mythologies of diverse cultures are woven throughout the books, but each novel is an original adventure story that can be read either as a standalone or as part of the ongoing series.

Published by: (5 Sept. 2017)

Formats available: Paperback & eBook.  Available on Kindle Unlimited.

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my thoughts

This follows on from the last story where Morgan battled with faeries!  She’s back at Tintagel and determined to show her friends that she’s not making up her adventures! With a plan set for Samhain night, Morgan gets more than she bargained for.  War is brewing between the grown ups and the evening turns out to be more dreadful than could ever be expected…….

This is a big book! Over 500 pages it took me a lot longer to read than I’d planned!  Morgan is still five years old (but comes across a lot older…..and we’re starting to get hints as to why), and starting to learn about her powers.  They’re developing faster than she expected, and she’s started to realise that there’s more to her than she knew.  As usual, her plans don’t go the way she thinks and she ends up getting herself and her friends into a world of trouble with some dire consequences for some characters.  The battles that take place are quite descriptive, and gruesome in places; and there are some ghastly creatures in this.

The story is fantastic, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the next one.  I’m thoroughly enjoying experiencing Morgan grow and develop, and discover more about herself. Some of the characters are really intriguing, Merlin in particular, and I can’t wait to see what happens with him! I can’t make up my mind about him at all!  The discussions about the two beliefs is really interesting – Christianity and paganism; at a time when the two were running side by side.  Morgan’s struggle to understand them both and the differences/similarities is fascinating.

Overall, I really enjoyed this.  At times I did find it a little repetitive (for example, when talking about the sons of Hengist there was a visual description of them numerous times which I didn’t feel was needed) but other than that, really loved it.  I’m enjoying Morgan’s story and am looking forward to the next book (although it’s even more of a beast at over 700 pages!!).  I can’t wait to see how she develops and what happens!

Although this is part of series, you could definitely read this as a standalone as there are plenty of references to what has gone before, but I’d recommend reading the first one too (as it’s so good, and really introduces you to Morgan and the characters).  If you like a good fantasy, arthurian legend or are just looking for a book where you can watch the characters grow, then check this out.  Recommended by me.



about jo-anne blanco

Jo-Anne Blanco was born in Brazil to an English mother and Spanish father. She has spent much of her life travelling around the world as a teacher. Her travels, together with her lifelong passion for reading, writing and storytelling, inspired her to embark upon her Fata Morgana epic fantasy series, about the life and adventures of Morgan le Fay. Mythology, fairy tales and Arthurian legend are all major influences on her work, and her ongoing journeys to countries of great landscapes and folklore are never-ending sources of inspiration.

She is the author of Morgan Le Fay: Small Things and Great and Morgan Le Fay: Children of This World. These novels are the first two books in the Fata Morgana series.

Morgan Le Fay: Giants in the Earth, the third novel in the series, will be published in 2020.

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