Morning everyone and happy hump day again!  Today I’ve got a review for you of Nightmare Asylum and Other Deadly Delights – a collection of short horror/spooky/sci-fi stories by Sonia Kilvington……

the blurb

Nightmare Asylum – Despised by day, tortured by night. A midwifery student’s life disintegrates into a terrifying nightmare, after a disturbing encounter with the notorious child killer, Evelyn Green. Dark secrets from Lydia’s past unleash a truth that conjures her fears into unspeakable horror.
Other Deadly Delights – Tales from the psychotically unsound and deadly deluded. A stalker turns serial killer; a cleaning lady is imprisoned in the basement, there’s a prophetic warning for a woman in peril, and an android with love addiction, plus many more… a deliciously dangerous collection of short stories, ranging from psychological horror to paranormal, sci-fi and noir.
Dare you enter the nightmare Asylum?

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my review

 A compilation of short stories, Nightmare Asylum and other Deadly Delights takes you on a trip through various genres, starting with the brilliant Nightmare Asylum which kicks the book off with a bang, and an almighty twist!

There are stories on abduction, murder, stalking, motherly obsession, revenge, love struck obsessive robots, blackmail, paranoia and ghostly apparitions.  Some of the stories were so creepy, and others I couldn’t believe what I was reading!

Nightmare Asylum, the cleaner, the dress (creepy!), and the IT story were my favourites.  Unfortunately my copy of the book didn’t have chapter headings so I don’t know the official names of the stories, but you’ll know which one’s I mean when you read it!

The fact that these are all short stories means you can pick this up whenever you want to get lost somewhere and have a spare 5-10 minutes (although you wouldn’t want to be in any of these situations in real life!).  Perfect for those with busy lives that don’t have much time to sit down reading, you can get your horror/psychological thriller/sci-fi fix here!  Even though these are short stories, there is plenty of tension and build up in some of these that will make you want to keep reading.

As a fan of horror and the paranormal, I thoroughly enjoyed being able to immerse myself in dark, creepy places and some of these stories really did make my skin crawl!  If you’re like me and love this kind of stuff, then you will enjoy this.



about the author

Sonia Kilvington is a journalist and fiction writer from the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus. She has published many articles, travel features, short stories and interviews in glossy magazines. She loves to write dark and disturbing short stories in genres such as noir, crime, ghost and Sci-fi. Her online writing credits include Out of the Gutter Online, Spelk fiction, Pulp Metal Magazine & Near to the Knuckle. Her new short story collection, Nightmare Asylum & Other Deadly Delights – published by Close to The Bone, is available on Amazon.

Where to find Sonia online: Website ~ Amazon Author Page ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ LinkedIn ~ Instagram ~ Goodreads

Thank you to Sonia for gifting me a copy of the book in return for an honest review.  All views are my own.

I’ll be back shortly…..

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