Morning lovelies.  I’m delighted to be bringing you a review this morning of No Accident by Robert Crouch.  As you’ll know I’ve reviewed a couple of the Kent Fisher Mysteries before, but I was lucky enough that Robert sent me the previous books so I could read the whole series – and I’m so happy!!  Read on to find out what I thought of the first book in the Kent Fisher Mysteries series……..

the blurb

A former gangster is dead. It looks like an accident. Only Kent Fisher suspects murder.  When the police decide Syd Collins’ death is a work accident, they hand over the investigation to environmental health officer, Kent Fisher, a man with more baggage than an airport carousel. He defies a restraining order to enter Tombstone Adventure Park and confronts the owner, Miles Birchill, who has his own reasons for blocking the investigation.  Thwarted at every turn, Kent’s forced to bend the rules and is soon suspended from duty.  He battles on, unearthing secrets and corruption that could destroy those he loves.  With his personal and professional worlds on a collision course, he knows life will never be the same again.

Inspired by Agatha Christie and Sue Grafton, Robert Crouch brings a fresh voice and a new twist to the traditional murder mystery.

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my review

For the purposes of this review I’m going to pretend that I’ve not met Kent before (since this is the first in the series) – although it was brilliant to be back with him because I love him! But anyway……

When Syd Collins is found dead, the police decide it’s a work accident so call in Kent Fisher, Environmental Health Officer to investigate.  But Kent’s not convinced…… Obsessed with Columbo, he thinks there is more to it than first meets the eye, so sets out to investigate.  The only problem is, Syd is linked to Miles Birchill….and Kent and him have (not good!) history.

To investigate Kent must break a number of rules including breaking his restraining order, and ends up suspended.  But that doesn’t stop him!  With his trusty assistant Gemma, he continues to look into the death and uncovers more than he anticipates……secrets that will change his life forever.

From beginning to end I was sucked in to the story with suspicious people all around!  As I’ve come to expect from this series, I was trying to figure it out myself and got it wrong every time – I couldn’t have even guessed some of the twists that show up in this story!

As for the characters….well there’s Kent.  He is a loveable rogue!!  He is persistent and will break whatever rules are necessary to get him where he needs to be.  He’s flirting with the ladies will have you chuckling (and cringing sometimes) and the fact that he is deeply in love with someone (not saying who!) will make you hope for him that something comes of it.  He can spin a lie in seconds and his approaches to people are fantastic.  He has had a tough backstory, which we learn about in this book and things don’t get any easier for him, poor guy!  One of the things I really love about him, is his love for animals.  He likes animals more than he likes people and I completely identify with that!!

In terms of the other characters, I do like Gemma although she gets on my nerves at times!  I can just imagine this glamorous girl turning up in the most inappropriate outfits and footwear!!  Birchill is something else, but my feelings did change for him throughout the book……. I love Frances and Niamh, both lovely and warm characters.  And then there are always the people that you will love to hate!

As with the other books I’ve read by Robert, No Accident is easy and thoroughly enjoyable to read and follow.  It sucks you in, makes you laugh, has you waiting with baited breath and delivers when it should.  The sense of mystery is fantastic and you’ll love going along with Kent on his wayward investigations!  If you’re a murder mystery fan, or looking to try out a new genre, then you should definitely check this series out.  Highly recommended by me!



about the author

Robert Crouch writes the kind of books he loves to read. Books ranging from the classic whodunit by authors like Agatha Christie, the feisty private eye novels of Sue Grafton, thrillers by Dick Francis, and the modern crime fiction of Peter James and LJ Ross.

He created Kent Fisher as an ordinary person, drawn into solving murders. He’s an underdog battling superior forces and minds, seeking justice and fair play in a cruel world. These are the values and motivations that underpinned Robert’s long career as an environmental health officer.

He now writes full time from his home in East Sussex. When not writing, he’s often find walking on the South Downs with his West Highland white terrier, Harvey, taking photographs and researching the settings for future Kent Fisher mysteries.

Where to find Robert online: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook

Also, you can check out Roberts Meet the Author interview here.

A huge thank you to Robert for sending me over a copy of the book.  All views are my own.

other books in the series

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Have a wonderful Friday my lovelies!

Chelle x

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