Good morning lovelies.  I’m back today with another review of a Kent Fisher Mystery – yippee!  No Bodies is the second book in the series, and Kent is getting himself to trouble as per usual whilst he’s super sleuthing…….

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A missing wife. A crooked caterer. A recipe for love or murder?

Colonel Witherington doesn’t believe his wife, Daphne, ran off with caterer, Colin Miller. Neither does family friend, Kent Fisher, when he discovers she left behind her most valued possessions.

He picks up a trail that went cold over a year ago and uncovers a second missing wife.

Is there a serial killer on the loose in Downland?

When a young girl is rushed to hospital after a visit to Kent’s animal sanctuary, he faces ruin.

But it’s nothing compared to the horrors he faces when he closes in on a killer who leaves no bodies.

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After his successful mystery solving (in No Accident) Kent is approached by family friend, Colonel Witherington to look Into the disappearance of his wife.  One day she was there, the next….. gone – nobody takes him seriously and he believes Kent is the one to unravel the mystery. Hesitant to get wrapped up in something else, he’s encouraged by Niamh and Gemma so gets stuck in.  But as he digs into it, he discovers another man’s wife is also missing…..days after Daphne Witherington disappeared……..and then another.  Could they be linked? Is there a serial killer on the loose? And who is in the frame?

Meanwhile, a girl is in hospital suffering with E.Coli – and one of the last places she visited was Kent’s rescue centre.  After a previous encounter, the Mum is hellbent on taking Kent down……Him and his team must investigate the potential outbreak before it’s too late, and before Kent’s livelihood comes crashing down…….

Yet another fantastic story that had me completely sucked in!  I honestly love Kent, he’s such a complex character, and we get to see a side to him that the other characters don’t – which makes you love him more.  He really takes a step up in this book and faces some of the challenges face on, doing something that he rarely does – saying sorry.  Despite what it looks like, he’s usually doing what he’s doing to protect others – although they don’t always see it!  I’m glad I’ve been back and started from book 1 in the series now as it’s good to see the relationship with Gemma changing – I wasn’t sure about her when I’d started from book 4, but I actually really like her now, and just wish they’d get together!!!

One of the things I really enjoy about these books is that there are usually a couple of things going on for Kent – something work related and then the mystery he’s trying to solve (although sometimes they interlink).  The mystery of missing Daphne Witherington and the other women is captivating and the finger is pointed at few people – I for one, as always, thought it was everyone but the actual person (I’d be a terrible sleuth!).

The work related part is so interesting too.  As an Environmental Health Officer, Kent covers a number of areas that those of us without the know would have no clue about – it’s not just hygiene ratings!  As Robert was an EHO, he knows exactly what they get up to and this comes through in his books.  This time the story is around E.Coli which I found fascinating!

You can’t help but be sucked in and enjoy the ride with Kent.  The novel will make you laugh in places – Kent does get himself into some sticky situations  – and I really enjoy the humour throughout the book.  The plot is fantastic, with plenty of twists and turns to keep you completely gripped; and if that’s not enough – just wanting to know what will happen to Kent’s animal sanctuary will keep you turning the pages!

So……as expected, another fantastic book from Robert Crouch.  I thoroughly enjoy the Kent Fisher mysteries series and can’t wait to read the next one!  If you’re a mystery fan then you will love this – so make sure you check out the series.




Robert Crouch writes the kind of books he loves to read. Books ranging from the classic whodunit by authors like Agatha Christie, the feisty private eye novels of Sue Grafton, thrillers by Dick Francis, and the modern crime fiction of Peter James and LJ Ross.

He created Kent Fisher as an ordinary person, drawn into solving murders. He’s an underdog battling superior forces and minds, seeking justice and fair play in a cruel world. These are the values and motivations that underpinned Robert’s long career as an environmental health officer.

He now writes full time from his home in East Sussex. When not writing, he’s often find walking on the South Downs with his West Highland white terrier, Harvey, taking photographs and researching the settings for future Kent Fisher mysteries.

Where to find Robert online: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook

Also, you can check out Roberts Meet the Author interview here.

A huge thank you to Robert for sending me over a copy of the book.  All views are my own.


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Have a lovely day friends!

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  1. Thank you, Chelle. You’re really spoiling me with these reviews, but I’m so pleased you’re enjoying Kent’s adventures.

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