Morning my lovelies.  So today I’ve got my latest review of the Kent Fisher Mysteries by Robert Crouch – this time I’m on book 3, No Remorse and am slightly gutted that I’m now caught up with the series…..but I know they’ll be a book 6 coming so that will keep me going!!  No Remorse, is another brilliant mystery with Kent getting himself in his usual sticky situations……

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An old man dead. Dementia or murder? Threats won’t stop Kent Fisher from finding out.

At luxury retirement home, Nightingales, appearance matters more than the truth. But what is the truth? Was Anthony Trimble killed as he predicted? If so, who wanted him out of the way, and why?

Kent puzzles over the only clue Trimble left him. Do the numbers come from a takeaway menu or are they a mysterious code that could reveal his darkest secret?As Kent digs deep, people start dying.

Will Kent win the race to discover the truth, or become the next victim?


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As part of Pets As Therapy, Kent is taking Columbo into Nightingale’s Care Home to visit the residents.  When one of the residents, Mr Trimble mentions that someone is trying to kill him, but then goes off into his own world, Kent’s not sure if he was serious or whether Dementia may have been the cause.  But when he visits again and is told Mr Trimble is ill, things don’t appear to be what they seem.  And then Mr Trimble dies and leaves Kent a cryptic puzzle to solve…..setting Kent off on another dangerous and dark investigation.  As Kent delves deeper, other start dying…..are they all involved? And what secrets is the killer trying to hide?  A treacherous game of cat and mouse begins……..

As always I loved going on a dangerous and exciting investigation with Kent. Usually he’s getting in to trouble at work, but I like that he actually takes some time out from work to try and get to the bottom of the mystery (as well as sorting out his future!).  Gemma is slightly put out this time when Kent finds a new ‘Watson’ to help with his investigation – although things don’t turn out as planned.  Poor old Kent has the most complicated love life – and things are getting more tangled in this book……Sometimes I just want to give him a kick and tell him to sort himself out!!  It’s also good to check in with some of the other brilliant supporting characters – Niamh, Birchill, Alice and Mike to name but a few.

The plot is brilliant – I hadn’t foreseen what was going to come at the end! Robert takes us on a complex and intriguing journey with the wicked twists and turns that I have come to expect, and love, from Roberts writing.  No Remorse takes you on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster – my feelings towards some of the characters changed numerous times!

The storyline is easy and enjoyable to follow, with humour throughout and intrigue that keeps you turning the page – not only about the mystery, but about Kent’s love life too!  The Kent Fisher Mysteries series is fast becoming one of my favourite amateur sleuth/mystery series.  They always entertain me, I never get bored and I always want more.  I love Kent (as complex and frustrating as he can be) and love to check in on Columbo too!

I also love the setting – East Sussex, Having worked across Sussex it’s nice to recognise some of the places mentioned, and as a kid we used to holiday in Eastbourne so can fully bring Beachy Head to life.  Not only that but I love the regular mentions of Kent – it’s good to have my home county in there sometimes!

No Remorse, as with the other books in the series, can be read as a standalone.  Robert provides enough information from past books to enable the story to flow, but also to make you want to go back and read the rest of the books!  I would definitely recommend this as I’ve loved every one!!  If you’re looking for a good mystery/amateur investigation to entertain you, then look no further!  Highly recommended by me.




Robert Crouch writes the kind of books he loves to read. Books ranging from the classic whodunit by authors like Agatha Christie, the feisty private eye novels of Sue Grafton, thrillers by Dick Francis, and the modern crime fiction of Peter James and LJ Ross.

He created Kent Fisher as an ordinary person, drawn into solving murders. He’s an underdog battling superior forces and minds, seeking justice and fair play in a cruel world. These are the values and motivations that underpinned Robert’s long career as an environmental health officer.

He now writes full time from his home in East Sussex. When not writing, he’s often find walking on the South Downs with his West Highland white terrier, Harvey, taking photographs and researching the settings for future Kent Fisher mysteries.

Where to find Robert online: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook

Also, you can check out Roberts Meet the Author interview here.

A huge thank you to Robert for sending me over a copy of the book.  All views are my own.


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Have a wonderful day my lovelies!

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