Morning everyone – another week is here already!!  Today I’m joining the blog tour for Otto Eckhart’s Ordeal by Niall Edworthy – a dark and humorous historical fiction novel based on some truth……..

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Otto Eckhart’s Ordeal is a work of historical fiction, inspired by the true story of SS Ahnenerbe occultist Otto Rahns’s search for the Holy Grail as a trophy to prove Ayran supremacy for Nazi Germany.

In this reliving of the story, a naïve young historian, Otto Eckhart, is personally dispatched by SS leader Heinrich Himmler to seek a holy chalice, only to discover the real life Chalice of Tomar. Set over six months in 1937, with the action taking place in Berlin, the Odenwald, Wewelsburg Castle and Languedoc, Otto Eckhart’s Ordeal is an absorbing quest, love and coming of age story.

Published by: Unicorn Publishing on 1st August 2020

Formats available: Paperback & eBook

Purchase links: Amazon UK ~ Amazon US

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Historian Otto Eckhart receives a summons from the German leaders – he’s not sure from who or why, but he turns up.  When the man he meets explains how impressed he is with Otto’s work and that he wants to send him on an important mission, handing over a considerable amount of money Otto is excited.  Then he finds out that the man is none other than Heinrich Himmler and the mission he’s sending him on is to find the Holy Grail – and quickly!

Knowing that many have tried and failed; and that the holy grail may not even exist, Otto sets out on his impossible operation.  And with his Father under threat and resisting Nazi rule, Otto’s position is more than a little precarious.  But with the help of some friends, he fulfils Himmler’s request but is it really the Holy Grail? And what will become of Otto, his friends and family…….?

I thoroughly enjoyed this!  It’s the first historical fiction novel that I’ve read that has a humorous side to it which was quite refreshing to read.  I love that the story is based on some truth, and I will definitely be looking into Otto Rahn and his quest which sounds crazy and intriguing!

I really liked Otto and watching his character develop throughout.  He starts off as a bit of wet fish, and ends up being a much stronger person.  His lack of belief and confidence in himself only made me like him more as it showed his vulnerability.  There are some other fantastic characters in this too; I particularly liked Ingrid, Father Pietro and Poilu who is an interesting character!

The plot was fantastic and kept me completely engaged; and the way Otto gets himself out of his predicament is clever, funny and stupid all at the same time!  When it came to his relationship with Ingrid, I wanted to nudge him and tell him to get on with it, and I’m glad some of his friends did exactly that!

Otto Eckhart’s Ordeal will give you humour, history, love, intrigue and friendship.  A fabulous novel that will draw you in with its descriptions, keep you engaged with the adventure and have you chuckling at the cheeky humour.  Overall a well written and enjoyable story.  Recommended by me.



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Thanks to Bookollective for inviting me on to the tour, and to Niall and Unicorn Publishing for gifting me with a copy of the book.  All views and opinions are my own.

Have a wonderful day lovelies, and I’ll be back tomorrow!

Chelle x

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