I was delighted to be asked to review this book for Louise, and was even happier to receive a paper copy! (Thanks Louise!). Pilgrim is a beautiful, moving story which was an absolute pleasure to read.

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After a major row with his wife, Sarah, Charlie Carthy storms out of the family home. Just hours later he finds out that Sarah has become the victim of a hit and run driver and is in critical condition in hospital. Sarah’s death and Charlie’s self-absorbing grief throws their daughter Jen’s life into turmoil. Will an unwanted pilgrimage to Medjugorje heal Jen and Charlie’s relationship, or, should Jen prepare to lose her remaining parent?

Told with a deep humanity and grace, Pilgrim is a story about a man who feels he has nothing to live for, and a daughter who is determined to prove him wrong.

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This really is a beautiful and moving story told from a number of view points.  The main characters are Jen and her Dad Charlie who have suffered the loss of their Mum/Wife and life has gone downhill.  They’re encouraged to go on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje in Yugoslavia where six children have claim to have seen a religious apparition and because of this pilgrim’s flood to the small village.

Throughout the story we meet other characters, both from their home town and from the small village in Yugoslavia who all have their own stories to tell that, by the end, are all cleverly linked together.  Their stories are all moving and you feel yourself really caring about the characters, and where life might take them next.  I got close to the end and was so moved, I nearly cried!

The whole story really makes you stop and think about what people might be going through in their own lives, what beliefs they have and how faith can help them through.

If you’re not a particularly religious person, don’t be put off by the title – although there are quite a few references to religion (as it’s a big part of the story), it’s just the right amount.  Hall has worked this story perfectly and it will well and truly draw you in.  Although there are some sad moments throughout the book, I found it really uplifting.  This comes highly recommended by me – I’ll definitely be reaching for this book again in the future for a re-read.  Thanks for sharing your story with me Louise!



about the author….

Louise Hall is a writer of fiction, non-fiction and short stories. She has previously published two works of non-fiction, Medjugorje: What it Means to Me and Medjugorje and Me: A Collection of Stories from Across the World published by The Columba Press. The latter was translated into Italian and published by Edizioni Piemme. Her fiction has been published in The Irish Times and been shortlisted for numerous competitions, such as the RTÉ Guide/Penguin Short Story Award, the Colm Tóibín International Short Story Competition and the Jonathan Swift Creative Writing Awards. Pilgrim is her debut novel, published by Ireland’s oldest publishing house, Mercier Press. It has been widely received and endorsed by Man Booker nominee, Donal Ryan, and award-winning author, Carmel Harrington.

“Deeply moving and evocative prose. Haunting, tender yet hopeful. Pilgrim is a beautiful read that lingers.” – Carmel Harrington

“In this cynical age it’s a joy to encounter such sincerity, and wonderfully unexpected to see contemporary fiction as a profession of fervent yet gentle faith. Louise is a brave and humane writer, a breath of the freshest air.” – Donal Ryan

You can find out more at www.louisehallwriter.com or by following Louise on Twitter and on Instagram

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Thanks again to Louise for sharing her book with me in return for an honest review.  All views are my own and I am not affiliated with any links in this post.

Have a wonderful day!

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