It’s been nearly 10 days since I last posted so I just wanted to write a quick update.  I also want to update on the focus of my blog going forwards and my YouTube channel.

Where have I been?

Basically in bed or laid up on the sofa…..Ive been poorly 😔 I’ve had a really bad cold/flu over the last couple of weeks which has COMPLETELY wiped me out and have had to take some time off of work. I’ve had absolutely no energy and haven’t been able to do anything. My poor husband has done a fantastic job of looking after me when he hasn’t been at work (poor man!). I’m surprised he hasn’t painted a red X on the door!!

Today I’ve JUST started to feel a bit better so will hopefully start posting again over the weekend as I’ve got FOUR subscription boxes to post about, blogger tags, as well as a fantastic book review!

YouTube Update

I’ve been thinking about my blog and YouTube channel and have made the decision to put more focus on my blog, and less on my channel.  I just don’t have time to commit to uploading videos to Youtube on a regular basis, especially with work and uni (plus I have a very small group of subscribers!).  I will still post videos but on a more ad hoc basis.  I’m thinking this will be when a box arrives, or if I want to do a ‘live’ trial of a product.

Subscription Boxes & Natural Products

Sadly, I’ve had to cancel all of my subscription boxes except one (my favourite….The Natural Beauty Box!) due to personal finances at the moment.

Plus, I’ve been thinking a lot about the products I use while I’ve been poorly (nothing else to do!) and really do want to start trying to use only natural products (where possible). A lot of the boxes I’ve been subscribed to don’t fit with this, and although are cruelty free and vegan, may still contain ‘unnatural’ ingredients.

I still have a lot of products to use/try so won’t be getting rid of anything and will review things as I go along (natural or not).  However, I’ll try and only purchase natural products going forwards.  If you have any recommendations for natural brands, give me a shout!

Blog Focus

For any of you that might have a blog, you will know that all the advice on the internet recommends that we have a FOCUSED blog.  I’ve thought about this a lot and have decided that I’d like to broaden my focus, I’m going to write a post about this shortly so keep an eye out!

I’m definitely going to try and post at least twice a week, if not more so if you have any ideas, or requests for posts, let me know.

So just a general update for you all and so you know I’m still here!

Thanks for reading

Chelle x


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