Secondly, I’m on the blog tour for Return to Harlech by Ruth Torjussen, a dark story, atmospheric and twisty story of revenge……

About return to harlech

Title: Return to Harlech
Author: Ruth Torjussen
Genre: Horror
Series/Standalone: Standalone
Estimated word count: 196
Formats available: Paperback and eBook.  Available on Kindle Unlimited

When Tess arranges a weekend love trip back to husband Steve’s hometown, her secret plan to make a baby is not the only trap that he is walking into…

Tess and Steve are a dysfunctional couple in a rocky marriage. Despite this Tess yearns for a baby more than a divorce and plans a secret conception during a trip to her husband’s hometown of Harlech. But when they get there Steve is anything but horny. Instead, he begins to remember his supposed halcyon days of childhood with horrible clarity. He wasn’t the popular sports hero he thought he was. Now it seems his friends don’t want to know and he has no memory of the enthusiastic locals who greet him.

A young girl comes to Tess in her dreams, is this her child trying to warn her? Or the child of the mysterious Anwen who has lent them the cottage?  With her hopes for pregnancy fading, she longs for a different future without her domineering husband, but can she survive without him?

And can Steve survive his return to Harlech as the locals seek retribution for the crimes of his past.

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my thoughts

Tess is taking her husband Steve on a weekend away after he’s been working away lots…but the real reason is so she can get pregnant….without him knowing; and despite the fact that they have a volatile relationship.  But all she can think about is having a baby, so with her friend Dorothy, they develop their little plan.  Heading off to the village where Steve grew up seems like a brilliant idea and he’s pleased that people remember him – even if he can’t remember them.  But as the weekend moves on, he starts remembering things from his past – and realises he may not just have been the legendary sports star that he thinks –  he was something much worse than that.  But do the locals remember what he did? And can they move on from his actions? Will Tess realise that she’s better off without Steve or will she carry on with her plan?

This is a dark and twisty story of revenge – and I have to say one that Steve well and truly deserves!!  In terms of the characters, he’s not a nice guy.  And even when he starts to realise what an absolute idiot he is, it’s too late.  There really is nothing likeable about him!  With Tess I started off not liking her – I thought her plan to secretly trick Steve into getting her pregnant was a terrible idea; plus there are a few other things she gets up to that are disgusting.  However, as you read on you realise that there is a lot to her past – and although it doesn’t excuse her behaviour – it will make you realise she’s not as bad as she seems.  In the end I was definitely satisfied with the way things ended for them both.  There are some mysterious characters in this too – I especially loved Anwen and Dorothy.

The setting, at first, sounds wonderful.  A little Welsh village, a castle and a little remote cottage.  However, with a storm brewing and things escalating it becomes a dark and dangerous place….

The plot was gripping – I just wanted to keep turning the pages to see what would happen next.  Would Steve get what was coming to him? Would Tess come to her senses? Was there more going on then we first imagined? And I loved the ending which you will never guess!

Overall, a fab, dark and twisty horror.  It’s not too gruesome, yes there is a bit of blood but nothing too bad!  So if you’re looking for a relatively quick read with some characters that you will despise, others that are mysterious and a twisty, dark storyline then you should check this out.  Recommended by me.

about the author

Ruth Torjussen grew up in Stoke but now lives and works in Brighton as a Shared Lives Carer.

She is a passionate advocate of eating local food grown through regenerative farming as the answer to climate change.

Where to find Ruth online: Twitter | @RTorjussenInstagram | @ruth_torjussenYouTube | TorjussenRuth

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Thanks to Kelly at Love Books Tours for inviting me on to the tour, and to Ruth and the publisher for a copy of the book.  All views and opinions are my own.

Have a wonderful day lovelies, and stay safe in the sun

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