Today I’m delighted to be reviewing Rush, a romantic suspense by Brooke Page……

the blurb

That’s all she is.
Nothing more.
Nothing else.

And that’s why she’s wanted,
And in danger.

Lauren Owens is so much more.
She’s everything.
Falling for her was never my intention.
But, I couldn’t resist,
Her charm,
Her vulnerability,
Her spirit and drive,
And her unimaginable innocence.

And that’s exactly why my father wants her,
For his own gain.
Now, it’s up to me to take him down,
Stop him once and for all,
Protecting her every step of the way.

Saving her would mean only one thing:
I won’t get to love her.

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my review

This book had me hooked!

Nineteen year-old Lauren is going on a road trip with her friend Marcy, to get away from her life for a while.  A life which involves looking after her Mum, working in a job that she does to get by and hanging out with a man that’s in love with her….but whose love she doesn’t return…..

They stay at Marcy’s Grandmothers house and not long after arriving meet some local young men. Lauren is completely drawn to one of them….but YaYa (Marcy’s Grandmother) warns Vance off her.  But will he listen? And will Lauren be able to stay away?  Vance is dangerous, and he knows that by getting close to her he could be setting dangerous wheels in motion……

This is so well written and thoroughly enjoyable.  The characters are brilliant, you either love them or hate them and they really draw out certain emotions in you… points I wanted to shout at both Lauren and Vance!!  It’s so exciting to watch the storyline unfold, and it genuinely keeps you on the edge of your seat….will he/won’t he? And the ending……a cliffhanger that left me really wanting to read book 2 now!!  Definitely recommended be me!

Reader warning:  there are themes of human trafficking in this, and also some detailed sexual scenes.



Thanks so much to Brooke for sending me a copy of her book in return for an honest review.  All views are my own.

Thanks for reading all!

Chelle x

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