Also today I have a review for you on the blog tour of Saint Justice, the first book in the Christopher Wren Thriller series by Mike Grist.  This is an action packed thriller with an incredible plot; it sucked me in from page one and I loved every minute of the ride!

book blurb & info

Hundreds of human cages hidden in the desert. One man with nothing to lose.

Christopher Wren pulls off I-70 after three weeks on the road and walks into a biker bar in Price, Utah. An arbitrary decision he’s about to regret.

The bikers attack Wren, leave him for dead and steal his truck.

Now he’s going to get it back.

From a secure warehouse in the desert. Ringed with fences. Filled with human cages.

As Wren digs deeper, a dark national conspiracy unravels and the body count mounts, but one thing is for sure.

They picked the wrong guy to teach a lesson.

Published on: 10th June 2019

Formats available: Paperback, audiobook & eBook.  Available on Kindle Unlimited.

Purchase Links: Amazon UK ~ Amazon US

my thoughts

Wow! What a read!!  This literally sucked me in from page one and didn’t put me down until the very end.  Packed full of action and intrigue this truly takes you on a rollercoaster ride, with lots of fights, blood and gore along the way!

Christopher Wren in an ex-CIA agent gone rogue who travels around bringing down cults and organisations.  But behind all that he has his own organisation of ex-cons to help him; some from the very organisations he has brought down.  But he recruits them to rehabilitate them….and they don’t always like it!

In Saint Justice, Wren is hunting down an organisation that are building something big.  And with his ex-CIA colleagues not believing him, it’s down to him and his band of ex-cons to help him bring them down…..

I honestly loved everything about this.  The plot was fantastic and so original.  The characters were dark, edgy and mysterious.  The settings were dark and dangerous.  And the action was superb.

Christopher Wren is a brilliant character.  The intrigue behind him is enough to keep you wanting to find out more, without the rest of the story!  We find out bits about him via flashbacks and I was excited every time I got to read a new one.  I’m hoping this is something that will continue throughout the series as I’m sure there’s much to be learnt about this dark damaged and complex protagonist.

His organisation is fantastic.  I loved the whole concept of him bringing in people that can change; and that they’re held accountable for their actions through the coin system.  The fact that he has a complex network of people dotted around with different skillsets, but who other than a few, don’t know each other is a fantastic, original idea.

The action is raw, gritty and gruesome in places.  The only tiny downside for me was that the action was a bit too much sometimes, and I found it hard to keep up but then I don’t watch a huge amount of action films etc, which I think might be why.  The hunt for the organisation is fantastic and will keep you completely drawn in to the story.  I was gobsmacked by some of the despicable people in this, and the sad thing is that there really are some crazy and evil people in the world!

I thoroughly enjoyed following Mason from chapter one.  It completely pulled me in, drawing on my empathy and making me want to know what becomes of him……

Overall, this is an absolutely fantastic action packed, dark, original and brilliant thriller.  You will be on the edge of your seat and honestly won’t want to put this down.  This is highly recommended by me, and I can’t wait for the rest of the series!



about the author

Mike Grist is the British/American author of the Christopher Wren thriller series. For 11 years Mike lived in Tokyo, Japan, exploring and photographing the dark side of the city and the country: gangs, cults and abandonedplaces. Now he writes from London, UK, about rogue DELTA operator Christopher Wren – an anti-hero vigilante who uses his off-book team of ex-cons to bring brutal payback for dark crimes.

Where to find Mike online: Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Website

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Thanks to Emma for inviting me on to the tour, and to Mike for gifting me with a copy of the book.  All views and opinions are my own.

If you’ve read this too, let me know what you thought.  I’d love to discuss it!

Have a wonderful day lovelies, and I’ll be back tomorrow.

Chelle x

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