Evening my lovelies! And here we are – my final review on the blog tour for the Sam Applewhite Series! Today’s review is for Book 3, Sandraker by Heide Goody and Iain Grant – yet another hilarious crime comedy that completely sucked me in and delivered so many laughs I stopped counting……..


Title: Sandraker
Author: Heide Goody & Iain Grant
Genre: Comedy Crime Mystery with a female sleuth
Series/Standalone: Standalone Book 3 of Sam Applewhite Series
Estimated page count: 538
Formats available: Paperback, Audiobook and eBook. 
Publisher: Pigeon Park Press (14 July 2021)
Tour organised by: Rachel’s Random Resources

The aristocracy abide by a different set of rules…

…or so it seems to Sam Applewhite when her job brings her to Candlebroke Hall, the stately home. The burglary definitely wasn’t what it appeared to be, and the subsequent accidents suggest that it’s a dangerous place to spend time.

Sam is caught up in events as she tries to protect the interests of young Hilde Odinson, part of the local viking family. The Odinsons insist on doing things their own way though, with scant regard for the law. In the meantime, Sam starts to understand that while many people would kill to live at Candlebroke Hall, maybe there are others who would kill to get away from it.


Sam is back and getting her fingers in all sorts of pies again! From being an appropriate adult for one of the Odinson’s, security at Candlebroke Hall, taking inventory of all the items in the mansion to dodging angry old tigers (and amorous old men!), she definitely doesn’t get bored!  She knows there is more to the burglary than first appears; and not just because she has a soft spot for Hilde Odinson.  As she starts to investigate, as usual, she starts getting herself into a dangerous situation.  But will she solve the mystery? Will Hilde end up in prison? And is everyone who they seem?

Yet again, I was thoroughly engrossed in this and had so many shocking, laugh out loud moments along the way.  This is a big book – just over 500 pages and I loved every minute of it. In this we get to know the Odinson’s even better than we have in the previous books and I loved it.  The wannabe Viking clan are trying to become more ‘accepted’ and they had me in stitches.  But despite the fact they live for a good ‘raid’ you can’t help but love them!

Sam is brilliant as always.  Determined to solve the mystery, she gets herself into some thoroughly sticky situations.  Just wait for her ‘date’ with Antoine!  I absolutely loved the fact that Marvin, Sam’s dad is back again – he’s such a brilliant character and never fails to make me laugh.  Antoine and Kiki are new and bonkers characters – I’ll let you make up your own mind about them.

Candlebroke Hall sounds brilliant.  As a history enthusiast I would definitely be one of the ‘annoying’ visitors! It sounds like it has some brilliant artefacts and the way it’s described, I felt like I was there on a visit.  And I’d absolutely love to see Sandraker in real life!

So without me going on anymore…..if you’re looking for a hilarious crime mystery with a cosy feel to it, with a brilliant amateur sleuth and a fantastic cast of characters, then this is for you.  Again, Sandraker can be read as a standalone but you’ll be missing so much if you don’t read the other two – so if you’re considering reading this, get them all!!!  Highly recommended by me.  I hope Book 4 doesn’t take too long to come out…….

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You can check out my Meet the Author interview with Heide and Iain here.

Where to find them online: Heide Twitter | @HeideGoody ~ Iain Twitter | @IainMGrant


Thanks to Rachel for inviting me on to the tour and to Heide and Iain for my copy of the book.  All views and opinions are my own.

I’d absolutely love to chat with you if you read these so get in touch!

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