Morning everyone!  Today I’m so happy to be bringing you a review of Storm Witch, the sequel to Beltane by Alys West.  If you read my review a few days ago you will know how much I loved Beltane and so I couldn’t wait to read Storm Witch, and I wasn’t disappointed at all…..

the blurb

Although not a witch herself, magic had always been part of Jenna’s life, guiding and nurturing her childhood. Her mother Nina was a member of The Order of Spellworkers and Druids, enforcing the laws of the magical community. But six winter solstices ago Nina was murdered. Six winter solstices ago the other members of The Order died or disappeared. And six winter solstices ago Jenna banished magic from her life, fleeing back home to Orkney.

Jenna thought she had re-built a calmer world for herself until her ex Hal returns, and someone starts to practice dangerous magic on the islands. When water, sea and sky elements are being manipulated to destroy, maim and kill, how can she deny handsome druid Winston’s plea for help?

As seer Zoe Rose foretells of a catastrophic storm which will engulf Orkney, Jenna and her friends must race against the elements to stop the storm witch. Only through chaos will Jenna find the answers she’s been searching for. Only through chaos can her heart decide who is the right man for her. And only through chaos will she finally discover who killed her mother.

Storm Witch‘ is the sequel to ‘Beltane‘ but can be read as a standalone. Beltane and Storm Witch are the first two books of The Spellworker Chronicles.

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my review

When annoying, arrogant archeologist Winston turns up during a crisis at the heritage site where she works, the last thing Jenna expects them to find is the remains of what looks like a spell…..and when she recognises the handwriting on the paper left behind, she must look into the past she has been trying to forget…….

And to make things even more complicated, her ex Hal is back in town and has recently split from his girlfriend.  Still harbouring feelings for him, Jenna has to figure out how she feels.  But with Winston hanging around, trying to help her uncover the mystery of the spell worker in town, she sees a different side to the arrogant man she first met, which confuses her even more.

When she attends a wedding and a huge flash storm rolls in causing chaos, Winston and Jenna realise the urgency of finding their storm witch………before more people get hurt.  And with Zoe foreseeing other disasters heading their way, Jenna and her friends must do what they can before it’s too late……

Wow! I was absolutely blown away by this.  Hooked from chapter one, I honestly didn’t want to put this down.  Sadly I had a migraine right in the middle of reading this so had to take a day off reading and it was the worst…..I just wanted to get back to it!!

Storm Witch is full of spell working, Druidry, murder, deceit, coercion, power, love and loss.  Set on Orkney, West writes in a fantastically descriptive way which enables the readers to bring the magic and scenery to life.  I could literally see the storm rolling in, the rain, the hail and all the drama playing out in my mind, and it was brilliant.

The plot is exciting and thrilling, and takes you on a rollercoaster ride as Jenna and Winston  try to find their storm witch, and discover the truth behind Nina’s murder.

Having read book 1, Beltane, I was already familiar with Winston, Finn and Zoe and was over the moon to be back with them.  In this we definitely get to see a different side to Winston that I wouldn’t have imagined before!  But we also meet some new important characters – Jenna, Hal, Rachel and Grace.  I adore Jenna – she’s been through some rough times, and they don’t get any easier for her in this, poor love!  As she battles with herself to figure out her feelings, you will make up your own mind as to whether you are #TeamWinston or #TeamHal.  (I’m definitely #TeamWinston – even if he is an arse some of the time!!).

Grace is a new and brilliant character – supportive and an experienced spell worker she’s key to  helping the team, and I feel like she’ll have an important role in the rest of the series to come. Rachel is more powerful than she realises, and again I think she’s going to be super important!  And Hal….well I liked him at times but some of his behaviour rattled me!

I thoroughly enjoyed all the magic and spellworking that happens in this – hag stones, witch bottles, rituals, working with the elements – if you’ve ever looked into the craft, these will all be very real and familiar to you.  And I love the Druidry aspect in these books and the connection to nature that Winston and Finn have.

Overall, this is another absolutely fantastic book.  I knew from reading Beltane, that this would turn into a favourite series of mine, and Storm Witch just cemented that fact.  I honestly can’t recommend this enough – just check it out for yourself and I promise you won’t be disappointed!  You can read this as a standalone, but I would also read Beltane if I were you.  Why? ~ because it is also brilliant!!  Highly highly recommended by me!!  I can’t wait to buy this in paperback and add it to my shelf!

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about the author

Alys West writes contemporary fantasy and steampunk. She lives in York but loves to travel especially to Scottish islands. Her stories grow out of places and the tales which people tell about places.  Her work draws on her own experience of surviving trauma but always with the possibility of a hopeful ending.

Alys has a MA in Creative Writing from York St John University and teaches creative writing at the Centre for Lifelong Learning at the University of York. She’s also a book whisperer (like a book doctor but more holistic) and mentor to aspiring writers.

When she’s not writing you can find her at folk gigs, doing yoga and attempting to crochet.  She occasionally blogs at, intermittently tweets at @alyswestyork and spends rather too much time on Facebook where you can find her at Alys West Writer.  She is also on Instagram at @alyswestwriter.  To keep up with Alys’s news you can join her Facebook readers’ group ‘Druids, Spellworkers and Dirigibles’.

A huge thank you to Alys and the publisher for gifting me with a copy of this book in return for an honest review, and for introducing me to the fabulous Spellworker Chronicles! All views are my own.

If you’ve read this or Beltane, give me a shout as I’d love to chat about it!!

Have a wonderful day lovelies

Chelle x

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