Today I’m delighted to be reviewing Story of a Country Boy by the lovely Val Portelli….

the blurb

A brash, illiterate teenager from an insular Mediterranean village escapes to the bright lights of 1960s Soho.  Follow his journey through the seedier side of life as he endeavours to become a rich and successful ‘somebody’

my review

Another fab book from Val!  It’s lovely to fit a short story in now and then, and this is one of the things I love about the books I’ve read by Val.  They’re always written well and are easy to read, and always have been turning the pages to see what happens to the characters next!

Story of a Country Boy introduces us to T.J….who I have to say I found to be a complete and utter arsehole!  A lot of the time I find myself wanting to be friends with characters in books, but I would happily avoid this guy!  We meet him when he’s in his home country, bored by the life and wanting to move on to bigger and better things.  So he escapes to London and gets sucked up in a life of drink, gambling and women.  He’s a good looking guy who gets a lot of attention, and boy does he make the most of it!  But the most important thing to him is most definitely money…..

The story takes us right through his life, up until old age.  But where will he end up? Is he successful in becoming rich, and become a ‘somebody’? And what does he get up to throughout his life?  I’m not giving anything away!!

If you want a short story that will keep you turning the pages, and will invoke a range of emotions in you, then should should definitely check this out!



Thanks so much to Val for providing me with a copy of her book in return for an honest review.  I’ve also read another of Val’s book ‘ABC Destiny’ – you can find my review here.  Keep an eye out because I hope to read more from Val in the future!

Have a wonderful Monday all!

Chelle x

2 Replies to “Review: Story of a Country Boy by Val Portelli

  1. Thanks so much, Chelle. What would authors do without bloggers who help to spread the word? It was a change for me to write about a character who on the surface is a total shit, 😀 and the fact he evoked such emotion is the icing on the cake. Loved your review.

    1. Thanks Val 🙂 It’s good to know we can help! It must be great writing about someone like T.J and you definitely do a fab job in bringing out the emotions! Thanks again for sharing with me!

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