Next up today is a review on the blog tour of The Adventures of Ellie and Boo by Millie Kerr, a wonderful children’s book that I adored…..

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A nature-loving cat and her conservationist mum team up to save endangered species!

Boo the tabby cat is born on a Lincolnshire farm and seems destined for a simple life. Everything changes when she’s put up for adoption and is taken in by Ellie Caldwell, an adventurous Cambridge graduate student who loves animals and is studying to become a wildlife conservationist.

Between lectures, Ellie heads to the countryside for camping trips, her Instagram-anointed ‘adventure cat’ in tow. On rocky trails, Boo discovers that, like Ellie, she has a passion for the natural world, and because she’s able to communicate with all animals, she can relate their challenges back to Ellie. But there’s a serious problem: whenever Boo tries to tell Ellie something, all Ellie hears is “Meow.”

Can they work out a communication system, and in doing so, save endangered animals from harm while encouraging public support of nature and wildlife?

Published by: Book Guild Publishing Ltd on 28 July 2020

Formats available: Paperback & eBook

Purchase Links: Amazon UK ~ Amazon US ~ Waterstones


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Oh, this is such a wonderful story of friendships, conservation and the importance of helping and saving endangered species.

When Ellie returns to the UK and starts her Masters in Conservation at University, she decides to adopt a kitten – Boo.  Boo finds it frustrating that she can’t communicate with her human Mum about her needs and wants…..One day Ellie tells Boo that she’s going camping, and not wanting to be left at home and miss out of the adventures, Boo sneaks into her backpack.

On the trip she discovers she can talk to other animals, and then surprisingly to Ellie too.  Here begins their adventures as Boo learns about conservationism alongside Ellie; and about the planned Badger culling from one of her new friends.  But can they work together to stop the Badger cull from taking place, and what new friends will Boo make along the way?

I really enjoyed the story and know that younger readers would too.  You can’t help but love Boo and I wish I could talk to my animals too to understand what they want sometimes! This did made me wonder what my cats are trying to say when they constantly meow at me!  The relationship between Ellie and Boo lovely; and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the new creatures along with Boo.  She makes some amazing friends!

The storyline is really important and highlights the issues of conservation and endangered species.  Hopefully this will make the younger generations think about what’s happening and what they can do to help.  The adventures Boo goes on are fantastic, and again, younger readers will be able to lose themselves in them too.

As well as the fab storyline there are also some wonderful illustrations throughout this that helped to bring the story to life even more.

Overall,  I really enjoyed this and hope to see more from Ellie and Boo in the future.  Recommended by me!



about the author

Millie Kerr is an author, journalist and photographer focused on wildlife conservation. A former lawyer, Millie uses storytelling to help people see splendour and fragility of the natural world. Her creative essays and reported articles—which predominantly involve travel and wildlife—have appeared in dozens of top-tier American and British publications, among them The Economist, National Geographic Traveller, Popular Science, and The Wall Street Journal. Millie has also worked for numerous global conservation NGOs, both as an in-house writer and an external consultant; and her legal career saw her working in private practice and government. She graduated from the University of Cambridge with a Masters of Philosophy in Conservation Leadership and has lived between the UK and USA for fifteen years. Her adopted cat, Baboon, has been her constant companion, although unlike their fictitious counterparts, they only enjoy indoor adventures.

Where to find Millie online: Twitter @millieckerr Instagram @milliekerrphotography and also @millieckerr

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Organised by: Rachel’s Random Resources

Thanks to Rachel for inviting me on to the tour, and to Millie and the publisher for gifting me with a copy of the book.  All views and opinions are my own.

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