Also this afternoon, I’ve got a review of a short story for you – The Carnival That Ate The World by Trevor Twohig – a short story with an unlikeable, power-hungry and determined character that will set all sort of emotions flaring……

Title: The Carnival That Ate The World
Author: Trevor Twohig
Genre: Short story
Series/Standalone: Standalone
Estimated Word Count: 115
Formats available: Paperback & eBook.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

about the carnival that ate the world

Bill looked around at the trappings of his success and smiled. There were millions of small town Americans, yet he had made it; money, power and influence. He was the embodiment of the American Dream… but at what cost? A steely, ruthless operator, Bill tramples his way to the top, riding roughshod over all in his path. But has he stepped over one person too many?

A compelling tale, set against the backdrop of the financial collapse of 2008, which portrays a slice of corporate life and the decadence that goes with the rise and fall of one of America’s most powerful businessmen.

Staring up at the Ferris wheel looming. The bright lights luring you in. You shook hands with the cotton candy seller and balk as the fat lady sings. The music finally played out. You knew it was time to go, but the devil plays sad tunes inside you. The dream one day of a throne. And when the gates close sharply, your mind it starts to swirl, about all the things you dare to do at the carnival that ate the world.

my thoughts

The story revolves around the main character Bill, as he climbs his way up the corporate ladder, and meets his wife Gloria.  He works hard to get the things he wants, and will do whatever it takes – nobody will stand in his way.  With the support of his boss, he achieves great things and becomes one of the most powerful businessmen.  But at what cost?

Bill is not a likeable character.  From the moment I met him, through till the very end I just didn’t like him.  Power hungry, determined and relentless, he will take down anyone in his way.  But I felt so sorry for his wife.  She has money and all the things it can buy, but all she wants is the love of her husband.  I also felt really sorry for the people that Bill took down on his way to the top…..

Rock and Bill definitely live the high life and it gives you an insight into how the other half must live! Champagne and roof top hot tubs, helicopters and all the girls they could want! However, things do start looking precarious for Bill towards the end with his career long ‘friends’ persuading him to sell up….but does he?

Despite not liking Bill you want to keep turning the pages to see if he gets his comeuppance…and I have to say I was completely shocked by the ending!

So if you’re looking for a short story that will get all your emotions going (especially disbelief and anger!) then check this out!

Thanks to Trevor for my copy of the book.  All views and opinions are my own.

Have a wonderful day all!

Chelle x

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