Good morning & Happy Easter lovelies! I hope you all have a wonderful day eating as much chocolate as possible!  Today I am super delighted to bring you a review of The Contract by D E McCluskey & C William Giles.  This is an absolutely brilliant horror/thriller/crime procedural/mystery and I genuinely couldn’t put it down.  This had me hooked from the go…………

the blurb

There’s a killer on the loose

Three Gruesome Murders.

A shooting, a garroting, a drowning… all in different states with no connections between the victims.

But, as the victims are identified, it appears they are not model citizens. Add to that, the fact that a calling card has been left at every scene…

A single white feather!

But no ordinary white feather.

It becomes apparent that there is a serial killer on the loose.

As the body count rises, FBI Agents Cox and Symes are plunged into a cat and mouse chase across the USA and beyond, to find the elusive, brutal killer. All they have to go on is the description of a thin, white male with a blond beard, and the trail of strange white feathers.

But just like his signature, there is nothing ordinary about this killer.

Judge, Jury, Executioner…
This contract must be fulfilled

my review

Wow – just wow!  As readers of my blog will know I’m a fan of D E McCluskey and his gruesome & gripping horror stories.  Every time I think I have a favourite I read his next book and my allegiances change!!  The Contract is now top of my list.

Three absolutely gruesome murders take place – one is shot, one drowns and one by garroting.    Seemingly with nothing linking the victims other than a single, unusual white feather left on the body……..  The FBI are drafted in to try and figure it out and Agent Cox & Agent Symes set out on the impossible task of trying to identify and apprehend the serial killer.

But when they dig into the victims further, they discover they all have rather unsavoury pasts (understatement!); and as the numbers of murders go up and witnesses come forward, they also realise that this serial killer may not be all he seems.

A fantastic chase of cat and mouse ensues, with the agents travelling wherever the white feathers take them in the hunt for the elusive and mysterious White Feather Fever killer……..

I was honestly, absolutely hooked! Every moment I got, I picked this up to read another bit and finished it over 2 days.  This is a fabulous mix of gruesome horror, edge of your seat thriller, and crime/police procedural as the FBI agents try to crack the case and find their man.

Fast paced, with something happening all the time to keep you thoroughly hooked, the plot is fantastic.  How the authors can continuously come up with brutal and horrendously gruesome murders is beyond me! But unlike other serial killer tales, you actually find an empathy with this guy – but you’ll have to read to find out why!

Agent Cox and Agent Symes are fantastic characters.  Cox is a brilliant agent, working tirelessly to try and solve the case.  Despite his background some of the scenes he comes across are even shocking to him!  Agent Symes is a loveable womaniser!  Despite the fact he’s. bit of a nightmare, you can’t help but warm to him and his escapades will make you laugh (and roll your eyes at the same time!). Regardless of the fact that the agents are completely different, they make a brilliant, funny and effective team.

There are some fantastic supporting characters in this too (I love Dr Broom!); with some absolutely despicable characters.  I was more than happy for them to get what was coming to them!

The murders are detailed and gruesome – definitely not for the faint hearted, but if you love a bit of horror, you will love these scenes!  There are crimes of the most despicable nature referenced in this book – nearly all of the terrible acts that some members of humanity carry out which reminds you just how horrendous some people really are.

But despite the graphic and dark nature of this book, as always D E McCluskey brings a light hearted humour to the narrative.  You will find yourself smiling or laughing at times when you’d least expect it! This results in a fantastic, dark, gripping read but with humour when you need it.

There are parts throughout this that made me go ‘whoa – what?!’, especially when it came to the ending; and I literally cannot wait for the next book.  I’m so glad this is part of trilogy!

Sadly C William Giles passed away before The Contract was published (although he did read the final draft and approve the cover).  I hope he’s watching over us all somewhere and is proud of this amazing book that he helped to bring to life.  This comes 100% highly recommended by me.  If you love a good gruesome horror (or can handle a bit of gore) and are looking for a thriller that will reel you in, keep you on your edge of your seat and that you will thoroughly enjoy reading – then this one is for you!


Absolutely ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️and nothing less!

where to buy the contract

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Thank you so much to D E McCluskey for gifting me with a copy of the book in return for an honest review.  All views are my own.

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday everyone!

Chelle x


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