Afternoon everyone! I hope you’re all doing well.  Sadly I’m not around as much as I used to be, but I’m still here in the background, reading whenever I can!  And today I’m delighted to be on the blog tour for The Cross of Ciaran by Andrea Matthews – a fabulous time travel/historical/paranormal romance that I loved!

about the cross of ciaran

When a fifth-century pagan priest is unearthed in Ireland fifteen hundred years after being entombed, archaeologist Caitlin O’Connell is convinced it’s the find of the century. The body is in perfect condition, right down to the intricate tattoos adorning the Celt’s skin. In fact, if scientific data hadn’t proved otherwise, she would swear he hadn’t been interred more than a few hours.

Eager to discover more about the mysterious Celt, Caitlin accompanies the body back to the New York museum where she’s employed, but before she has time to study him, the priest disappears without a trace. Rumours surrounding the event begin to circulate and result in the excavation’s benefactor pulling the plug on the entire expedition.

The rumours are not far off the mark though. After being buried alive for betraying his goddess and his priesthood in the dawning age of Christianity, Ciarán wakes to a strange new world. Alone and frightened in an unforgiving city, he stumbles upon the only thing familiar to him and seeks sanctuary within the church walls. With the help of the parish’s pastor, Father Mike, Ciarán slowly grows accustomed to his surroundings, though he’s plagued by dark dreams and the disturbing sensation that an evil from his past has followed him into the future. But a more immediate danger lurks on his doorstep.

Caitlin is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery concerning her missing Celt, and when she meets her Uncle Mike’s new handyman, Ciarán Donnelly, she’s convinced the handsome Irishman knows more about the theft than he’s letting on. Yet, even she can’t deny the attraction between them, simmering below the surface and blurring the lines between her personal and professional life. But will Ciarán’s secrets draw them together or shatter their future forever.

Publisher: Inez M. Foster (18 Jun. 2020)

Formats available: Paperback & eBook.  Available on Kindle Unlimited

Purchase Links: Amazon UK ~ Amazon US

my thoughts

What a brilliant storyline! As a history and archaeology fan this book was right up my street!

The story alternates between Ciaran’s life in the fifth century and present day.  We get to know Ciaran through his own memories and actions, but also through the initial study of him as an archaeological find.  To find something like this would be absolutely amazing – and to actually be able to have a conversation with someone from 1500 years ago would fascinate me!

I was completely sucked into the story and fell in love with Ciaran, as I’m sure many people will.  He’s mysterious, gorgeous and intelligent, yet vulnerable at the same time.  Caitlin is also a brilliant character, although sometimes she comes across as quite cold – although I’d really warmed to her by the end.  And supporting characters Michael, Dennis and Mary were just brilliant! Each had be laughing in their own way, and Mary is an absolute legend.

The plot flowed nicely and I found the writing style easy to read and understand.  The only bit I wasn’t particularly keen on were the mild sex scenes (but then I’m not a fan!), although it didn’t put off from the story, it did make me cringe a bit (but again, just a personal opinion).

It’s touch and go towards the end and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but what I can say is that I’m really looking forward to book 2 in the series!

So if you’re looking for a new romance that’s a bit different, with some great characters and a unique and interesting storyline, then you should check this out! Recommended by me.



about the author

Andrea Matthews is the pseudonym for historian and librarian, Inez Foster. When not writing, she enjoys digging around in her roots, genealogically speaking, and it is from there that she gets inspiration for her novels.

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Thanks to Love Books Tours for inviting me on to the tour, and to the author and publisher for gifting me with a copy.  All views and opinions are my own.

Have a great weekend all and I’ll be back as soon as I can!

Chelle x

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