Evening lovelies.  Today I’m super excited to be on the blog tour for The Darkness Within Ourselves by Jessica Huntley, a brilliant, gripping and creepy crime/horror/thriller that had me hooked……

about the darkness within ourselves

Title: The Darkness Within Ourselves
Author: Jessica Huntley
Genre: Crime Fiction/Horror/Thriller
Series/Standalone: Standalone
Estimated word count: 197
Formats available: Paperback and eBook.  Available on Kindle Unlimited
Publication Date: 1 April 2021

Amber and her four best friends are about to reach their teenage years when the unthinkable happens; one of her friends, Kieran, is killed in a freak accident.

Twenty years later, Amber no longer speaks to her friends and is still haunted by that day in the form of severe psychological issues, including sleep paralysis, insomnia and hallucinations of a terrifying entity she calls The Creature.

But it isn’t just in her head; it is real.

Unbeknown to Amber, her former friends have also been suffering from their own psychological nightmares, each trapped and twisted into people they no longer recognise.

Then a piece of evidence is found from that day and Amber and her former friends are forced to relive the events leading up to Kieran’s death, learning truths along the way that they would rather not know about themselves.

Can they work together to rid themselves of their demons and find out what really happened to Kieran all those years ago?

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my thoughts

Amber and her group of friends are hanging out as normal when a game gets out of hand and one of them dies in a tragic accident.  They make an oath never to speak of it again but as a consequence they all drift apart….

Fast forward 20 years and Kieran’s watch is found by some local children.  Amber, Tyler, Jordan and Brooke have been suffering with the darkness within in them for the past 2 decades and now must face up to it, reunite, learn some truths and try to stop the thing that’s been haunting them all for years. But what will happen when the truth is revealed? (You’ll have to read to find out!)

I thoroughly enjoyed this, and it really reminded me of a horror/thriller that you would watch as a film.  Something happens in the past, friends have to reunite to fight the demons, truth comes out and things happen…..I loved it!  The book starts with the incident and introduces us to the characters, and then moves on to the present, where we meet the characters again and how they’ve suffered over the years. As the books goes on we learn more and more secrets, until a big twist is revealed.  Even the ending had me slack jawed and wanting more!!

I loved the characters.  Despite the things that have happened, and their flaws, there are reasons for why they’re the way they are.  I liked each of them in their own way, with each bringing out different emotions in me.

The plot was fantastic.  I thoroughly enjoyed the way it unravelled and just wanted more.  The writing style was easy and enjoyable to read, and despite there being four main characters, they were easy to keep up with.  Some parts of this are proper creepy – I read it a few times before I went to bed and worried I’d have nightmares!  But I love horrors and thrillers, and really really enjoyed this.

So if you’re looking for a gripping, dark, horror/crime/thriller that will leave you wanting more, give you creepy moments and provide you with some brilliant twists, then check this out! Highly recommend by me.  I’ll definitely be reading more from this author.

about the author

Jessica is a full time mum and lives in Edinburgh. She loves keeping fit, reading and writing and taking her dog on long walks. She grew up in Wales and wrote many books when she was a child and has dreamed of becoming a published author all her life. Previous careers include Intelligence Analyst in the Army, Personal Trainer and Process Expert.

Where to find Jessica online: Facebook ] Jessica Huntley – Author ~ Instagram | @Jessica_novel_author ~ Twitter | @new_author_jess ~ Website ~

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Many thanks to Kelly at Love Books Tours for inviting me on to the tour, and to the author for a copy of the book.  All views and opinions are my own.

Have a fab evening – I’m off to bed soon to get ready for work at 5am!

Chelle x

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