Morning lovelies.  Today I’m thrilled to be on the blog tour for The Hiding Place by Amanda Mason, a brilliant, creepy and atmospheric story of ghosts, witchcraft, and sacrifices…..

Title: The Hiding Place
Author: Amanda Mason
Genre: Ghost story
Series/Standalone: Standalone
Estimated page count: 381
Formats available: Paperback, Hardback, Audiobook and eBook.  Available on Kindle Unlimited
Publisher: Zaffre (14 Oct. 2021)
Tour organised by: Compulsive Readers

Some secrets can never be concealed . . .

Nell Galilee, her husband and twelve year old step-daughter Maude rent a holiday cottage by the sea, needing time and space away from home. Nell grew up in this small, wind-blown town and has mixed feelings about returning, and it isn’t long before she is recognised by a neighbour, seemingly desperate to befriend her. The cottage has been empty for some time, and from the start Nell feels uncomfortable there. Something isn’t quite right about this place . . .

Maude, furious about being brought here against her will, soon finds herself beguiled by the house’s strange atmosphere. There are peculiar marks in the roof beams above her bedroom, and in another room, a hiding place, concealing a strange, unnerving object.

As the house gradually reveals its secrets, Nell becomes increasingly uneasy – and Maude spellbound. But these women – and the women that surround them – are harbouring their own secrets too, and soon events will come to a terrible head . . .

A brilliant, unsettling and chilling novel of mothers and daughters, truth and deception and the lengths people will go to, to obtain power over their own lives, The Hiding Place is the second chilling novel from the acclaimed author of The Wayward Girls.

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my thoughts

Nell, Chris and Maude are off on holiday, staying in a big house by the sea – the place where Nell grew up. There’s been so much going on at home recently, they felt the need for a break, and what could be better than a quiet little village? With things a little tense between Nell and Stepdaughter, Maude she hopes that the break will give them a chance to get back to the way they used to be…..

But then strange things start to happen in the house which leave Nell feeling on edge.  Then they find something strange hidden in the walls…… Maude is enthralled by the house and she isn’t the only one. As some of the locals start to befriend the family, and then Chris is called away, things get even weirder.  But what secrets will be revealed? Are the neighbours truly who they appear? And will everyone make it out unharmed?

Firstly, can we give some love to the cover! I really like it and would definitely pick this up if I saw it on a bookshelf! Now on to the story…….I was completely sucked into this and didn’t want to put it down.  In all honesty I wasn’t completely sold on any of the characters but that helped to give the book a frosty feel to it.  Nell has her own needs and desires, and her relationship with Maude is particularly fraught.  Maude is testing and can behave like a brat but I did feel for her at times, and felt like Nell was being unfair. Chris wasn’t particularly good at managing either his wife or daughter, and then just leaves them to it!!  Some of the locals will leave you suspicious and others you’ll find hard to figure out – all which builds on the intrigue of the story.

The setting is perfectly creepy.  An old house, with things being found in the walls, markings scratched in wood, sinister footsteps and rumours of ghosts and funny noises!  Even the surroundings of the house and the people in the story will leave you feeling slightly on edge…..

The story was also brilliant.  With the story focussing quite a lot on motherhood and family relationships, it gives another aspect to the story, but one that builds on the characters needs and desires.

Overall, this is a brilliant, creepy and sometimes sinister novel perfect for this time of year. It will keep you hanging on and will suck you in until the very end.  Most definitely recommended by me for a winter read – get your blanket and hot chocolate ready and settle down for a fantastic story.

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Massive thanks to Tracy for inviting me on to the tour and to the author and publisher for my copy of the book.  All views and opinions are my own.

Have a wonderful day lovelies and I’ll be back tomorrow

Chelle x

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