Good afternoon lovelies.  I hope you are all well and safe on this blustery day. Today I’ve got a review for you of The Necromancer’s Prison by Alec Whitesell & Craig Bonacorsi.  A brilliant and gripping YA fantasy and the first in a series…..

the blurb

She wanted to find her place in the universe. She never imagined it might not be on Earth.

When Emily Murphy over slept the morning of her college entrance exam, she thought missing her test was the worst thing that could happen. She never expected she would wind up lost halfway across the galaxy, battling aliens with laser guns and mages hurling lightning.

Like most seventeen year olds, Emily’s main concern had been navigating the perils of high school, not surviving shootouts and sorcery. That changed when her school was attacked and a student was kidnapped. While everyone else smartly fled from danger, she recklessly ran toward it mounting an impossible rescue that would lead her on a journey unlike anything she could have imagined.

Dropped into a strange world teeming with merciless criminals and ruthless aristocrats, surrounded by violence and betrayal, Emily must untangle a web of intrigue and deceit to solve the mystery behind the abduction, save her classmate, and discover the destiny which awaits her.

It is either that, or die trying…

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my review

I absolutely loved this!  Emily is at school and has just made it in time to take her exam.  But if she thinks it’s just another day, she couldn’t be more wrong!  Suddenly her school is under attack and one of her the girls from her school, Quinn is kidnapped… she follows in a bid to rescue her….and so does Mason.

But they end up finding themselves in a place they couldn’t have imagined- another world and the chase to save their friend begins.  In a world full of alien beings, can they find someone to help them? Will they be able to find and save their friend? What obstacles will they face? And what truths will they find out on the way?

I was completely and utterly sucked in to the story from the very beginning and just wanted to keep on reading to see what would happen next.  It’s full of action, adventure, friendship, betrayal, magic, secrets and harsh truths.  Just when I thought things were calming down, the authors throw something else into the mix and I was back on the edge of my seat!

The characters are all fantastic, well developed and loveable.  Even some of the characters who I didn’t think I was going to like ended up on my favourite list!   We get to know them really well and learn about them as individuals, as well as the fantastic team that they are. Don’t get me wrong, there are most definitely some characters that you will not like and these will bring out all sorts of emotions from you.

The scenery and descriptions are fantastic.  As I always do, I played this out in my head and found it easy to do so – seeing the story come to life.  It’s easy to read and follow; in some parts you get to see the same scene playing out but from a number of characters viewpoints in different chapters which sounds confusing but was actually brilliant!  It was really good to see the different viewpoints and how each individual can see something completely differently to another.

And finally the ending……I was absolutely blown away and wasn’t expecting it at all! And now I just want to read the next book! I really hope it’s out soon.

This is a fantastic YA story that young and old will thoroughly enjoy!  Highly recommended by me!



about the authors


Alec Whitesell

Alec found his love of movies and storytelling at a very young age, writing shorts and screenplays as far back as he can remember. After studying filmmaking and screenwriting at Loyola Marymount University, Alec directed a low budget feature which played in several small film festivals. He continued writing several spec scripts for film, TV, and youtube until an opportunity arrived to write a novel adaptation for a friend’s feature. After falling in love with the experience, Alec pressed on to write a book series of his own with the help of his long time collaborator, Craig.

Craig Bonacorsi

Growing up a midwestern boy, Craig bounced first to NY then to LA acting and writing for various TV shows and movies. He would eventually come to star in Alec’s low budget indie film Under the Desert Sun. Afterwards, the two found a rhythm collaborating together on several projects. When Alec made the shift to writing novels, Craig happily joined him lending his voice to all the character work, world building, and overarching story of the Bluewater Grove series.

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Massive thanks to Alec, Craig & the publisher for providing me with a copy of the book in return for an honest review; and for their patience.
Have a good day lovelies.
Chelle x

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