Morning my lovelies.  Today I’m delighted to bring you a review on the blog tour for The Perfect Hideaway by Alys Murray.  A beautiful, feel-good story of loneliness, friendship, love, trust and betrayal…..

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Annie Martin is thrilled to have moved from the hectic buzz of L.A. to the small town of Hillsboro, Northern California, where the most happening bar only plays honky-tonk and nowhere does a good matcha latte. But the best thing about Hillsboro? The Anderson sisters. At their noisy family dinners, Annie can almost forget the mistakes she made back in the city, trying to fit in.

Annie has repaid the sisters’ friendship with some obvious-but-effective matchmaking and now there’s only one Anderson still looking for love. But Rose is surprisingly prickly about an enforced happy-ever-after, and when a meticulously planned meet-cute ends drenched in the town fountain, Annie realizes this project calls for someone with a deeper knowledge of the Hillsboro bachelors.

Local reporter and all-around grouch George Barnett has been a thorn in Annie’s side since she came to town. He knows all too well that everyone has secrets and he thinks the story of why social media darling Annie Martin swapped stilettos for sneakers might be the scoop that makes his career. Annie is sure her skeletons are under triple lock and key, so she offers him an exclusive, if he’ll help her find a match for Rose.

But the more George and Annie try to control the love lives around them, the less they’re able to sway their own hearts. As Annie’s infectious laugh begins to bring down George’s barrier of surliness, can he open his heart and let her in for real? And can Annie be brave enough to trust the man who could be her future, with the secrets of her past?

A heart-warming story of friendship and finding love in the most unlikely of places, fans of Robyn Carr, Debbie Macomber and Carolyn Brown will adore The Perfect Hideaway.

Published by: Bookouture on 14th August 2020

Formats available: Paperback & eBook

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Now she’s finished arranging her brother’s wedding, Annie feels lost.  Having successfully match-made two of the Anderson sisters, Annie decides now is the time to help out the third, Rose.  But her first attempt slightly backfires and she finds herself dancing with the town reporter, George ~ a man who’s spied on her brother and is determined to uncover any family secrets.

George gets sucked in to Annie’s match-making project, but on the proviso that he gets something out of it, something he wants.  Despite the fact that they dislike each other, an agreement is made and they get on with it.  But as her match-making abilities fall short, Annie finds herself developing feelings for the one man in town she should stay away from.  She doesn’t want her secrets uncovered, secrets that no-one but her brother knows….. And despite George’s attempt to stay distant and professional, he sees another side to Annie ~ one that he didn’t think existed.  But can they overcome their initial impressions and distrust? Or is there something that will stand in their way?  They’re in for a bumpy ride….

This is another feel-good romance that genuinely had me laughing out loud!  Having read the author’s last book, I already knew Annie but this book brings out a totally different side to her.  Coming across as a happy-go-lucky, always smiling social media starlet, there is more to Annie that meets the eye; and it’s quite sad that she feels that she can’t be the real her. As we get to know Annie more her vulnerabilities open up and I just wanted to give her a cuddle.  She’s had a rough ride but she keeps it hidden from the world well.

I really didn’t like George at first; he comes across as an arrogant man who just wants to get the best scoop.  But as I got to know him my feelings changed, although he did frustrate me at times!  Mr Barnett was fantastic; he sounds like a brilliant man and although a character on the periphery, he plays an important part.

 The antics that Annie and George get up to made me laugh! You can’t help but enjoy the times they spend together, laugh when their plans fall flat and really hope that they end up together. The setting is fantastic.  I fell in love with the town of Hillsboro in the last book, so it was wonderful to be back.  It sounds like the cutest little town, although the town rumour mill would drive me nuts!  The author does a fantastic job of really sucking you into the surrounding and storyline, and I felt like I was watching a colourful, charming and beautiful film.

This was one of the those books that I thoroughly enjoyed picking up again after putting it down, knowing that something would make me smile.  It really will make you smile and feel-good, and would be the perfect book to read whilst your chilling with a your feet up and a glass of wine/cup of tea!  I’m becoming a huge fan of Alys Murray and can’t wait to see what she brings us next.  If you’re looking for your next feel-good, warm your heart and make you smile read then you should definitely check this out.  Highly recommend by me.



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Alys Murray is an author who writes for the romantic in all of us. Though she graduated with a degree in Drama from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and a Master’s in Film Studies from King’s College London, her irrepressible love of romance led her to a career as an author, and she couldn’t be happier to write these stories! Currently splitting time between her home state of Louisiana and London, she enjoys kissing books, Star Wars, and creating original pie recipes for all of her books. Tobey Maguire is her Spider-Man.

Where to find Alys online: Website ~ Facebook ~ Instagram ~ Twitter

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Thanks to Sarah for inviting me on to the tour, and to Alys, Bookouture & NetGalley for gifting me with a copy of the book.  All views and opinions are my own.

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