I’m absolutely delighted to be on the blog tour today for this wonderful feel good, yet mysterious and creepy dual timeline novel The Secret of Creek Cottage, the fabulous debut by Tina M Edwards.  When I read the blurb I was so excited to read this and I wasn’t disappointed one bit!

book blurb & info

1916: While the Great War rages through Europe, in the small coastal village of Trunrowan, Cornwall, life for Loveday Nance could not be more different. With her husband Will away fighting, the reality of having a longed-for child of her own seems to be slipping away with each day that passes.

Present-day: Kitty and Ben Gridley decide to leave their busy lives in Bristol hoping for a quieter way of life in the pretty village of Trunrowan, Cornwall. Little do they realise the impact that moving into Creek Cottage will have on them. When Kitty begins to experience strange things happening at the cottage, she is certain there is a secret harboured within its stone walls.

‘The Secret of Creek Cottage’ is a tale that follows the lives of two families, almost a century apart.

Published by: SilverWood Books on 10th July 2020

Formats available: ebook and paperback

Purchase Links: Amazon UK ~ Amazon US

my thoughts

This is a brilliant dual timeline novel that had me sucked in by the mystery of the secret of the cottage.  In the present time we’re introduced to Kitty and her Husband Ben, who have moved to Cornwall to escape the fast paced living of Bristol.  All is well until Kitty starts experiencing strange goings on and decides to investigate the history of the two-hundred year old cottage…

At the same time we’re in 1916 with Loveday and her Husband Will.  He’s called away to fight in the Great War and Kitty doesn’t know when, or if she’ll see him again.  And with her desperate for a child, Loveday worries that it will never be.  But when he does make it home, he struggles with PTSD and Loveday has to do all she can to help him, calling on help from an unexpected source.

The story covers so many angles; the struggles that some women experience with the desperate want for a child, war and PTSD, the paranormal, nature, folklore and a little bit of magic!  Edwards does a wonderful job of making the novel spooky and mysterious, with storms raging in, lights going out, cats behaving bizaarely and strange sounds emanating from the house.  But at the same time, it’s moving and heartwarming too.  The stories of the separate couples bring their own feelings with them.  With Kitty and Ben I was excited, intrigued and happy; but with Loveday and Will I felt worry, sadness, hope, joy and happiness.  This novel will give you all the feels!

The plot is fantastic and slowly unravels as you go through the book at the right pace, keeping you engaged and wanting more.

I loved the characters.  Kitty is lovely and really relatable, Ben loves his wife and will do anything for her ~ although for a man in the medical profession he was a bit of a wimp at times!!  On the other hand, Will was a strong and hardworking man who suffered the affects of war; it’s so sad that it wasn’t recognised back then and people couldn’t get the help they needed, but Loveday does all she can.  Loveday is also lovely and just wants a family; she’s strong and will do anything to get her what she wants.

Some of the other characters in this are also fab.  I love Grimble, an eccentric and interesting character; and the Cromps are brilliant.  All the friends of the characters are also caring and lovely.

I absolutely adore the way Edwards has pulled together some of my favourite things; a good mystery, nature, history and a bit of magic.  For a first novel, this is absolutely fantastic and I can’t wait to see what else she brings us in the future.

If you’re a fan of feel-good novels, mystery, dual timelines, paranormal, magic or a mix of history and contemporary then you should definitely check this out.  I’m so glad I got to read this!  Highly recommended by me.



about the author

Tina M Edwards is an internationally published writer of poetry and flash fiction. She is editor of The Beach Hut, an online writing platform that encourages writing for wellbeing, particularly words that have been inspired by the coast and nature. The Secret of Creek Cottage is her first novel.

Where to find Tina online: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook



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Thank you to Anne for inviting me on to the tour, and to Tina M Edwards and SilverWood Books for providing me with a copy of the. book to review.  All views and opinions are my own. 

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