Morning all, I hope you’re all doing well.  Today I’m honoured to be on the blog tour for The Twins of Auschwitz by Eva Mozes Kor; the true story of Eva’s experiences during WWII and her inspirational and moving tale of how she survived the atrocities of the Holocaust…..

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In the summer of 1944, Eva Mozes Kor and her family arrived at Auschwitz.

Within thirty minutes, they were separated. Her parents and two older sisters were taken to the gas chambers, while Eva and her twin, Miriam, were herded into the care of the man who became known as the Angel of Death: Dr. Josef Mengele. They were 10 years old.


While twins at Auschwitz were granted the ‘privileges’ of keeping their own clothes and hair, they were also subjected to Mengele’s sadistic medical experiments. They were forced to fight daily for their own survival, and many died as a result of the experiments, or from the disease and hunger rife in the concentration camp.

Publishing for the first time in the UK in the year that marks the 75th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation, The Twins of Auschwitz shares the inspirational story of a child’s endurance and survival in the face of truly extraordinary evil.

Published by: Monoray on 6th August 2020

Formats available: Hardback, Paperback, eBook & Audiobook.

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This is a moving, emotional and inspirational tale of Eva’s real experiences during and after World War II and her survival of the Holocaust and Auschwitz as one of Mengele’s twins.  Talking about the persecution her and her family experienced in Romania, their removal to Auschwitz, the selection platform, the treatment her and her twin sister, Miriam received, the experiments they were subjected to, her sheer will for survival, liberation, realisation, education and the power of forgiveness, this is a hard hitting story of an incredible woman.

Reading about her experiences is emotional, but as mentioned in the afterword her story is something that needs to be told.  The younger generations need to know what happened; we need to remember, share the story and try to stop anything ever happening like this again.

The treatment of twins in Auschwitz was seen as a privilege.  Although they were provided with a little more than other prisoners, allowed showers and to wear their own clothes, the things they were subjected to were terrible; all in the name of trying to build a master Aryan race.

The two things that come across so strongly in this is Eva’s pure determination and strong will.  She was determined to survive; did everything she could and never gave up.  She even helped to bring her sister back from the brink of despair.  An incredible feat for a 10 year old girl.

The other is the power of forgiveness.  Although many other survivors didn’t agree with her later decisions in life, she made a decision for herself to forgive and it made a difference to her.

This powerful, emotional and inspiring story should be read by everyone.  Everyone should remember what happened during the Holocaust; and although it is hard-hitting, emotional and desperately sad in places, Eva’s incredible power and personality shine through and make you proud.  I just wish she was still alive so I could tell her what an amazing, remarkable and inspiring lady she was.  This comes highly recommended by me – please go and check it out.



about the author

EVA MOZES KOR was a resident of Terre Haute, Indiana. Following her survival of Auschwitz, she became a recognised speaker, both nationally and internationally, on topics related to the Holocaust and social justice. Eva created the CANDLES organisation in 1985 to locate other Mengele twins and found 122 twins across the world. Ten years later, she opened the CANDLES Holocaust Museum to educate the public about the historic event she survived. A community leader, champion of human rights, and tireless educator, Eva has been covered in numerous media outlets and is the subject of a documentary, Forgiving Dr. Mengele. She passed away in 2019.

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  1. I love reading WWII stories and this one sounds an intense read from your review. Thanks for sharing this- added it to my TBR to be looked up at a later date.

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