Morning morning!  Today I’m delighted to bring you a review of The Wand Chronicles: The Prequel by Michael Ross.  This sets the scene perfectly for the series and gets you ready and excited….

the blurb


The time is fast approaching when humans will meet the Elves of Laniakeea for the first time.
How and where will they meet?
Has someone or something arranged this meeting?
How will the Elves deal with the backward bumbling humans from the Earthan dimension?
How will the humans cope with the magic of the Elves, and of Elvina, the most powerful wand in the cosmos?
Be prepared to be entertained.
Be prepared for magic.
Unparalleled adventures await you!

my review

This is a fab short story that will introduce you to the background and world of The Wand Chronicles.  It introduces you to the Earthan Dimension in 2087 and the reasons as to why it is the way it is (human destruction comes to mind…..), as well as Hugo Brough and his friends and family (and Dingy!).  There is also the introduction to the Elvish Dimension of Laniakeea, how it was formed and the main characters which you’ll encounter in the books, including the wonderful Allana.

The book also gives you an extract from each of the three books in the series: Elfistra the Sorceress, Kia the Empath and Eternity so you can get a feel for the epic fantasy world that you’ll be diving in to.

At the beginning of each chapter is some elvish script and the English translation of some fantastic affirmations.  These continue in the books and I absolutely love this.  These are all things that we can relate to and put into practice in our every day lives, and there are some fantastic nuggets of wisdom.

I absolutely loved Book 2 – Elfistra the Sorceress and am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.  I would definitely recommended checking out this fab prequel to give you the background and insight into this fab series!

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about the author

A successful actor and model for over twenty five years. Had businesses in the hair and beauty industry, was a ski instructor, and competed internationally as an athlete, and martial artist.

Much later on, he developed a fitness brand called KETTFusion, which is established in the UK and three other European countries and has received numerous awards as a leading fitness brand.

But it was a visit to a clairvoyant, who suggested he try writing, that put him on the path of becoming an Author, which now takes up most of his time.

The Wand Chronicles is by far his largest and most exciting writing project to date.

He has already successfully published the comedy ‘Memoirs From The S.B.C’, and a true life story entitled ‘Just Five More Minutes’, which has been particularly popular, resulting in TV, magazine and radio interviews, on a subject that captured the nations hearts.

Check out my interview with Michael over on Meet the Author too.

Where to find Michael online: Website ~ Twitter ~ Pinterest ~ Instagram ~ Linked-in ~ Facebook

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Massive thank you to Michael for sending me a signed, paperback copy of this book in return for an honest review.  All views are my own.

Don’t forget to check out my review of Elfistra the Sorceress too, and keep and eye out for review for Kia the Empath and Eternity which will be coming soon!

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