Morning everyone! Today I am delighted, but also sad, to be bringing you a review of The Well of Tears by Rob Campbell – the final book in the Wardens of the Black Heart trilogy that I love so much.  I am gutted that it’s all over……….

the blurb

A tale of cryptic messages, treacherous betrayal and a long-hidden family secret brings a thrilling trilogy to its spellbinding conclusion.

The three talismanic masterpieces created over a century ago by the artist, Abernathy, have caused Lorna and Monkey plenty of problems. But things are looking up for the brave and resourceful teenagers. Having tracked down the painting known as The Truth, they now get to discover what Dylan Fogg is hiding in his cellar. But when Lorna is attacked by an unknown assailant desperate to get his hands on the painting, and with Victoria Halfpenny’s betrayal still fresh in her mind, it becomes clear that simply hanging on to the works of art may be a battle in itself.

Meanwhile, Monkey is battling his own demons. Still in denial over the claims of his estranged uncle, Monkey is about to learn the shocking truth concerning his father – and it may be darker than he feared.

With Charles Gooch out of the picture, the Wardens squabble over their next move. Leader Daniel Turnbull is intent on channelling the power of Abernathy’s masterpieces to plunge the world into a dark and uncertain future. But hidden in the shadows, at least one member of the Wardens’ council doesn’t share his leader’s views and plans a bold move of his own – a move that could jeopardise everything Lorna and Monkey have achieved.

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my review

Oh, it was so good to be back with Monkey and Lorna again – I’ve missed them and their adventures!

Having found two of the three Abernathy masterpieces, and seen some incredible things over the last few weeks, Monkey and Lorna need to work with Dylan to find out where the third and final piece, The Sun is.  Finally getting to see what is in Dylan’s cellar, they realise that it might help them in their quest.  When they receive some messages through a number of channels, they need to put the final pieces together to solve the mystery and end things once and for all.

But one of the Wardens has his own ideas, and is out to ruin everything the little team has worked hard for.  Will they find the final piece? Will they recover those that are lost? Will Monkey find out more secrets about his Dad? And ultimately, will they be able to stop ‘the Time of Annihilation’?

Another fantastic, action packed, gripping and enjoyable novel by Campbell.  I loved this so much, reading the whole thing within 24 hours as I didn’t want to put it down – I needed to know what happened!  There were definitely some ‘WHAT‘ moments – things that I hadn’t expected to happen at all. I was constantly suspicious throughout – something didn’t feel right and so I questioned everyone!

Lorna and Monkey are as amazing as always.  I love them both so much, like friends and want them to do well and be safe.  Dylan – I wasn’t sure about, he had me on edge but I’m not saying anything else about him – you will have to read to see what you think.  Daniel Turnball is as despicable as ever, and I really do dislike him.  The member of the Wardens who has their own agenda is intriguing – they have an edge of mystery about them the whole time, and they made me nervous and excited!  It was also good to check in with some of the other supporting characters, and to see a turn around in some of their behaviour (even if it’s for the wrong reasons!)

The plot is fantastic, and I’ve loved every bit of the storyline throughout the trilogy.  I’m glad that Monkey finally gets to find out a bit more about his Dad too (whether good or bad, I’m not giving anything away!).  The one thing I will say is the ending…….I did not expect it at all and even though the finale is satisfying, I was still left thinking ‘WHAT’?!  But not in a bad way – it just makes me want more and leaves it down to the readers own thoughts and imagination……

The mystery of The Well of Tears will have you completely sucked in as you build yourself up for the finale we have all been waiting for.  If you haven’t read the rest of the series, then you are missing out (all info below!) – if you’re a fan of YA or mystery, then this is a series you don’t want to miss.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I would love to see this made into a series or film – it would be absolutely fantastic!

I’m genuinely sad that the trilogy is over and will miss Monkey and Lorna and their adventures so much, but I’m so glad I’ve discovered them and look forward to re-reading this fantastic books in the future.



about the author

Check out my Meet the Author interview with the lovely Rob here.

other books in the series

Book 1: Monkey Arkwright

Budding writer Lorna Bryson is struggling to come to terms with the recent death of her father when she meets Monkey Arkwright, the boy who loves to climb.  The two strike up an immediate rapport, and Monkey challenges her to write about him, claiming that he can show her things that are worth writing about.

True to his word, Lorna is catapulted into Monkey’s world of climbing and other adventures in the churches, woodlands and abandoned places in and around their home town of Culverton Beck.  When the two teenagers find an ancient coin in the woods, claims from potential owners soon flood in, including the mysterious Charles Gooch, who is adamant that the coin is his.  But this is only the opening act in a much larger mystery that has its roots in some dark deeds that took place more than a century earlier.

Combining their talents, Lorna and Monkey set about fitting the pieces together in a tale of budding friendship, train-obsessed simpletons, the shadow of Napoleon and falling pianos.

Read my review here.

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Book 2: Black Hearts Rising

Darkness descends on the town of Culverton Beck, as Lorna, Monkey and Charles Gooch return in the thrilling sequel to “Monkey Arkwright”.

The Frenchman, one of three works of art rumoured to possess the power to change fate on a global scale, is safely tucked away in the vault of millionaire Lester Hawkstone. After playing their part in keeping it from the clutches of a shadowy organisation known as the Wardens of the Black Heart, a sense of normality has returned to the lives of teenagers Lorna and Monkey.

But something isn’t right in Culverton Beck. The locals are plagued by apocalyptic visions, and when a horrific tragedy strikes the town, Lorna and Monkey begin to suspect that dark forces are gathering once again. Whilst working on Lorna’s college project, they make a startling discovery – a seemingly impossible message from history – that plunges them into the heart of another mystery.

Meanwhile, Charles Gooch is haunted by memories from his past. Whilst he’s had his fair share of luck over the years, it seems that fate is finally catching up with him. Feeling the heat from his superiors, he hatches a plan to steal The Frenchman and put the Wardens back in control. But Gooch’s shadow isn’t the only darkness in town.

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And there’s one final book which is a short story about Mr Gooch. Although I haven’t gotten around to writing a review, I have read it and it’s a fantastic introduction to him, and will give you some background which fits nicely with The Well of Tears so also definitely worth checking out.

The Mysterious Mr Gooch: A Wardens of the Black Heart Short Story

A rock band on the verge of stardom. A star-struck young fan. A mysterious interloper.

Ben Patterson is not interested in music, but when his older brother plays him an album by the band, Diablo, what Ben hears will change his life forever. When he discovers that the band are recording their next album at a farmhouse not far from his home, he resolves to meet his heroes.

But fate has a surprise or two in store for Ben and the band. As a violent storm batters the farm, Ben discovers that he’s not the only one seeking shelter.

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Finally, I want to say a huge thank you to Rob for sharing the Wardens of the Black Heart series with me.  It’s definitely up there with one of my favourites, and I will most definitely be reading these all again!

If you’ve read any of these, then drop me a message so we can chat about them – I’d love to see what you all think.  And if you haven’t read them, and you’re a fan of mysteries, and books that are thoroughly enjoyable and easy to read, then you need to check this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ series out. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Have a wonderful day my lovelies

Chelle x

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