Second up today is a review on the blog tour of Think Like A Vegan: What everyone can learn from vegan ethics by Emilia A. Leese & Eva J. Charalambides.  A fantastic book that looks at Veganism from a broad spectrum, answers the questions every vegan gets asked, looks at the ethics behind Veganism and the impact on the environment, and more….

Title: Think Like A Vegan
Author: Emilia A. Leese & Eva J. Charalambides
Genre: Non-Fiction
Series/Standalone: Standalone
Estimated word count: 224
Formats available: Hardcover, Audiobook and eBook.
Publisher: Unbound (27 May 2021)

about think like a vegan

According to the latest figures, the number of vegans in the UK has more than quadrupled since 2014, now representing over 1 per cent of the total population. With the rise in plant-based foods and cruelty-free products showing no sign of stopping, Think Like a Vegan explores how vegan ethics can be applied to every area of our daily lives.

We all want to live more healthily and ethically, and this book is certainly not just for vegans. Its for anyone interested in veganism, its ideals and what even non-vegans can learn from its practice. Through a personal and often irreverent lens, the authors explore a variety of contemporary topics related to animal use: from the basics of vegan logic to politics, economics, love and other aspects of being human, each chapter draws you into a thought-provoking conversation about your daily ethical decisions.

Why should we adopt animals?
Whats the problem with organic meat?
What are the economics of plant-based foods?
What about honey?
What is the relationship between veganism and feminism?
What is vegansexualism?

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my thoughts

This book is a series of essays, full of so much useful information and insight for anyone who has ever wondered about Veganism.  Firstly, as a vegan of 4 years myself this taught me so much that I didn’t even know and, for me, cemented my personal reasons behind my decision.  However, it’s not a preachy book so please don’t be put off.  It gives you facts, and no it doesn’t go into horrific detail as some might expect, but don’t expect it to be soft and fluffy either.

I personally get asked so many questions about why I’m vegan, whether I miss bacon, whether I’d eat eggs if I had my own chickens and more – and this book answers all of those for me in a perfect way – I wish everyone that was intrigued about a person’s choice to be vegan would read this.  It looks at the difference between Veganism and plant-based, and will inform on whether small changes really make a difference.

One of the things that really stood out for me was the little sections on human analogies.  It will  make you think about whether the things you think are ethical really are when they’re changed to a human perspective.  This book explains why vegans feel the way they do about animals, and why we live the way we do.  It also explains how we don’t just live on rabbit food!

I really enjoyed this book, and it’s definitely one I will keep and refer back to to help me answer questions about my decision.  As I say it’s really informative and educational – there are references in there too for anyone that may want to question the facts presented, or read in a bit more detail.  And if you’ve ever been in the slightest bit interested in Veganism then this is the perfect book to read.  The chapters cover the basics, live and love vegan, Veganism is for everyone, money and politics, healthy and frugal vegan and environment, and finishes with a chapter bringing everything together.  The final chapter is a fantastic section that will ask you questions and get you thinking.

Maybe I’m slightly biased (and I’m trying not to be!) but this is a fantastic, informative, educational and ‘real’ thought provoking book that I, personally, feel everyone should read.  Highly recommended by me, especially if you’re vegan or interested in learning more about it.

about the authors


Emilia A. Leese writes essays on life, travel and Veganism for a variety of online publications, including her own personal blog Emi’s Good Eating.  She regularly hosts benefit super clubs and yoga retreats, and speaks about Veganism at events and festivals.  She has been a corporate finance lawyer for over twenty years.  Emilia lives in London.




Eva J. Charalambides is a photographer and vegan advocate.  She has written for the vegan lifestyle website Ecorazzi, and was involved in organising the multi-city Vegandale Food Drink Festivals.  She lives in Toronto.


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Thank you to Anne from Random Things Tours, and to the authors and Unbound for my copy of the book.  All views and opinions are my own.

Have a wonderful day my lovelies.  I really hope you’ll pick this up and have a read.

I’ll be back tomorrow!

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