Next up is a review on the blog tour of When in Doubt by Emile Perron. a short self-help sort of guide on changing your mindset…..

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If a simple change of mindset could help you improve the quality of your relationships, your work and your day-to-day life… Would you try it?

In When in Doubt, the reader is encouraged to turn self-doubt into a tool that can be used to their advantage in order to produce better results at most of their endeavours.

Extracted from the author’s programming experience, the principle behind this book serves as a foundation for a mindset that the reader can use to “debug” the aspects of their life that they are not satisfied with.

Formats Available: Paperback & eBook

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I have really mixed feelings on this book so will try to make this as balanced as possible.  This little book (60 pages in print) aims to provide you with a tool to improve areas of your life including relationships, work and every day life.  How? By turning self-doubt into a the tool; if you’re in doubt, then assume you’re wrong and it will help you work through your problem.

For me, as someone that suffers with anxiety, I’m not sure this would be the best mind-set to get into.  I try to live my life as positively as possible and focussing more on self-doubt, even as a positive tool would set me back.  But this is just my own personal opinion.  Perron does go into the drawbacks of his approach in the book and he does mention the negative side of things, so he is aware of this.  This approach won’t be for everyone.

However, if you are a process driven person this would be fantastic.  The book talks you through analysing your thoughts and actions to ensure you’re not wrong; basically before you accuse someone else of a mistake and apportion blame.  Which is a good way of behaving – how many times would it have saved each of us from tricky situations?!

Perron talks us through his approach and then gives us some practical examples of how you could implement the approach in your life.  I found it hard to relate to the programming example, although it did make the approach a bit clearer.  The one thing I did really like about this book is some of the positive aspects Perron talks about. At the end of the book he gives us 21 little tips and tricks, not all related to the approach, which are all valid and important things we should think about.  I also liked that he mentions Imposter Syndrome which, I’m sure, has been a problem for many of us (and if you’ve never heard of it, google it and you’ll completely get it!)

There are also some other brilliant little nuggets in here as Perron talks about staying open-minded, stress and more.  I especially liked the section about memory priming – something I haven’t heard of before – this will be invaluable to my note taking and memory for uni for the next 3 years, so thank you Emile!!

The book is written in a really easy style and it feels like you’re having a chat with a mate which is nice.  It’s not preachy and does recognise that each person will find their own way with the principles the book presents; it’s down to you to work with the approach and figure out how it works best for you.

So overall, I would say this book is definitely worth a read if you’re into self-help and altering of mindsets.  However, be aware that the approach won’t work for everyone; but if it’s not for you, you will still come away with some fantastic nuggets of information.  And if it is for you, then fantastic! I’d love to know how you get on!



about the author

The principle behind this book is not going to make you rich, successful or popular overnight. However, if applied correctly, this simple change of mindset can help you to improve your relationships. It can help you to get that raise that you are hoping for. It can help you increase your quality of life on a day to day basis.

Although the contents of the book are derived from the programmer’s mindset, I did my best to explain the more technical concepts in plain English for everyone to easily understand. Whether you are a high school student, an executive, an artist, a retired fisherman or anything in between, you can take advantage of this book’s lessons.

Where to find Emile online: Website ~ Twitter ~ Instagram

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Thanks to the ladies at Love Books Tours for inviting me on to the tour, and to Emile for gifting me with a copy of the book.  All views and opinions are my own.

Back soon lovelies!

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