Also today, I wanted to celebrate and raise awareness of World Earth Day; and in doing so I’m re-sharing two reviews from this year: What the World Needs Now – Trees! and What the World Needs Now – Bees! by the lovely Cheryl Rosebush.  There are also activity pages for your little ones (or you!) and the link for you to get both of these books for the price of one!

What the world needs now – Trees!

What a wonderful and beautiful little book!  Firstly, the illustrations in this by Zuzana Svobodovia are absolutely stunning.  Bright and colourful I adored them, and you children will love them too!

The story itself is brilliant and so important.  Jefri takes us on a tour of his home in Sumatra, teaches us about the importance of trees and forests, educates us about himself and the similarities between him and us and tells us about deforestation.  At the end of the book, the author also shares with us some of the amazing trees from around the world, and some of the other amazing creatures from Sumatra.

The book is interactive, with questions for the kids and a couple of pages for them to do activities.  But the key to this is the message it’s sending and the fact that it’s trying to help get your kids to love nature and the world around us.  With all the environmental issues we have these days, it’s so crucial to get children to understand what’s important, and how they can help from a young age.

I absolutely love that the book is carbon neutral and eco-friendly.  Yes, it’s not the cheapest book but it’s absolutely beautiful and a great book to invest in for your children.  This is the first in a series of What The World Needs Now books and I can’t wait for the next one.  These educational, bright, vibrant, gorgeous and important books should be on every kids bookshelf.  Highly recommended by me!

what the world needs now – Bees!

I absolutely adored this book, same as the first one.  This time we’re with gorgeous black bear Melly who tells us about the food bears like to eat and how bees help us and them.  We meet other gorgeous animals native to Ontario, Canada; as well as an introduction to other important bees around the world.  The book finishes with a wonderful activity page for kids which is a lovely finishing touch.

The book is beautifully illustrated.  It’s bright and colourful and will absolutely capture and hold children’s imaginations (as well as adults!).  The message in this is key and will teach youngster why bees are so important, why we should look after them and what we can do to help them.

And not only is the story wonderful and captivating, but the book is eco-friendly too! It’s printed on 100% recycled paper with vegetable-based inks, coated with biodegradable lamination and printed with 100% renewable energy resources.   They also contribute to offset any carbon emissions.  So there really isn’t anything not to love about this book, right? RIGHT! 

If you’re looking for a wonderful new book for your child and want to help the world while you’re at it, then this is for you.  Not only will you get an absolutely gorgeous book but one that will deliver an important message in a beautiful way.  You will love Melly and the other characters, so why not check it out? 100 % recommended by me.

What’s not to love?!

These are both absolutely gorgeously illustrated books which deliver key messages to both children and adults alike.  AND not only that, the books are eco-friendly too!

Currently you can get BOTH books for the price of ONE! What a bargain! Head over to the website: 

As part go World Earth Day I’m delighted to be able to share some activity pages with you for your kids (or you!) to enjoy: Jeffri coloring page ~ Bees coloring page 

Enjoy!! You can also head over to my Instagram page to see my stories of me actually talking about the books! (My first Instagram video of me!)

Have a wonderful day and be sure to look after our Earth

Chelle x

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